Martyr Moms are everywhere, Even orientation for Cub Scout Day Camp

Today was Cub Scout day camp orientation. The director did an amazing thing had made a form to see if anything at all triggers a scout so they know what to do and what not to do. Kudos to her.

One of the parents made a joke about “what could possibly trigger my son? This form is ridiculous.” They looked at me when I called them out on it. I told them they do not know what sensory overload feels like. It is not funny.

One came out with “I have an autistic son.” One if your son is autistic, good thing he wasn’t with her to hear her joke like that. Comments like this are harmful. Her son will hear it and it is psychologically damaging. Imagine if her son was there and he heard this?

The other one said “I am an autistic teacher.” No you are a teacher of autistic students, you are not autistic yourself. She told me to lighten up, no I will not. I am an advocate for children like theirs. This ableism needs to stop.

After this transpired, I said “I am autistic and this is very harmful. What if your children heard you talking like that?”

A few minutes went by. One family from our pack came in the room. “I saw your article”

The ableist mothers “That was you?!”

Mic drop

Seriously this is what causes the rift between autistics and NT parents of autistic children. Making fun of your children’s struggles doesn’t help anyone. It is harmful for the community. It makes the world less accommodating for your children.  I will continue to speak up for children like this. Parents should not poke fun.

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