Rainbows:so basic but causes such a controversy.

Rainbows. Symbol of promise. Little girls and boys love to draw them. Symbol of LGBTQ pride and even a symbol of neurodiversity when in an infinity. Why are people so up in arms about it? This was a perfect discussion during pride month and Autistic Pride day.

It all came up today when I was scrolling facebook for different things, including keeping bleachers in check. Then there was this post:

I saw this and I could not believe what I saw. I had received my first cat from this person. We lost touch after a while. I decided to defend the position. I usually save this for antivaxxers but I feel strongly about this too.

She mentioned how it was in the bible. I asked her if she worked on Saturday or ate shrimp. This is in the bible too. She did not think what I was saying was correct. I was able to cite what books they came out of. I was a bit petty so I mentioned the cat I had gotten from her.

She private messaged me. We hashed it out and I wound up educating her quite a bit. She understands now why people believe the way they do but did not change her position. That’s all I asked. I am still debating whether or not I am going to keep contact with her.

Rainbows are not reserved just as a promise of no flood from G-d. They are a natural occurring phenomenon. They are used all over. Little girls rooms, Girl Scouts bridges, neurodiversity infinities, etc. It is not just reserved for G-d’s promise to Noah. It does not say that in the story of Noah. People need to actually read what they are preaching and they will understand it better.

Moral of the story:

One symbol is not reserved for just once cause. There are only so many symbols in the world. We need to learn to share. LGBTQ are not upset when there is a reading from the Torah and the rainbow is mentioned. Jewish people are not upset when they see rainbows during pride month. Most true Christians are not either. We all need to get along and accept each other. This world would be a much better place if we could all respect each other.

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