Book Review: Ball Ball Ball by Kelley Donner

Right when the article came out on NBC news website, I was contacted by Kelley Donner, a children’s book author. She asked me to review her book about an autistic child and assured me it was from a supportive perspective and it really is. Something that is not seen a lot.

The main character has a special interest which is balls. Everything round he understood to be a ball. His mom was very loving and supportive. This demonstrates how parents should be of neurodivergent children. His mom explains why each round object is not a ball. The book brings the reader through a typical day with a mother and child.

At the end of the book got me. The mother was not trying to get him to “use his words.” She brought him a ball, and he exclaimed “BALL!” and she understood it as “thank you.” That was good enough.

This book also says subliminally that just because a child is not verbal does not mean they do not have a voice.

I highly recommend this children’s book. Its a great way to introduce children without exposure to children with different sensory needs.

You can purchase this book at

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