Autism One's Legal Advice Debunked


Autism One: What to do about CPS Knocking on your door

This forty minute long video is a heart wrenching speech on how bad doctors and vaccines are. They also attack Child Protective Services. They use just the right language to tug at people’s emotions. I am going to debunk each myth as its being said in this video.

Myth: Doctors say you cannot have religion and properly care for your child. You have to worship the State. 
You can have religious freedom when raising your child. My family for example.  We are Jewish. We are taught that we have the resources to cure any disease or illness, we just have to find it. Not vaccinating is not a religious observance. If you do not vaccinate, you are violating Jewish law. The most important thing is preserving human life.  “It is a religious precept to desecrate the Sabbath for any person afflicted with an illness that may prove dangerous; he who is zealous is praiseworthy while he who asks questions sheds blood.” (Shulhan Arukh, Orah Hayyim 328:2) The Christians and Catholics have the same books that we study.

Myth: A baby sleeping on someone’s chest without safeguard is perfectly safe
A newborn baby was removed from its parents care. Autism One people say it is because they refused vaccines. It was not it at all. The baby fell asleep on its fathers chest while the father was sleeping. This is very dangerous. This baby could fall. The skull is not fully formed at birth. There could be irreversible damage to the baby’s brain, broken spine, and anything you can imagine. They are not being singled out for their refusal to safeguard their child from diseases, the baby could get seriously injured if a baby falls asleep on a sleeping adult. 

Myth: Your rights are given to you by G-d
This is sort of a myth. Your rights in the United States of America are not given to you in a religious text. It is given to you by the Constitution of the United States. The USA is not a theocracy, it is a republic. Religion has to space in government here. This is not how the founding fathers had their vision.

Myth: Refusing a Feeding Tube is not a good reason for a report
During the video, Miste cites an example of a child who has a NG tube and it falls out. The parents decide that instead of putting another tube in, they would leave it out to see what can happen. Several things can happen. There are many reasons a child needs a G tube, not just refusal to eat. Click here for more info on the feeding tubes. Refusing to have another one put in is very dangerous. A doctor absolutely needs to be involved.

Myth: CPS are not authorized to make sure your children are safe
This is the main focus of the agency. Child Protection Services. They are there to make sure parents are doing the right thing. When they get a report, they check to make sure there is adequate food, a safe bed, no parasites ,ask about parenting style, etc. This does not violate your constitutional rights.They will not automatically take your children for missing medication. They do not use dirty dishes as a sign of neglect.  This myth is fear mongering.

Myth: Stats are Accurate
She throws out stats of foster care. Statistics are scary and used to fear monger to see foster care is evil. CPS and foster care saved my son from dying.

Myth: This is not Legal Advice
She is giving legal advice then not calling legal advice so she is not liable. She states this multiple times. She is giving advice on the law so therefore its legal advice.


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