Brass Check TV (SMEAR PIECE): NBC Didn't Like the Way This Mother Healed Her Child So They Worked With Trolls to Attack Her




NBC didn’t like the way this mother healed her child…

So they collaborated with online trolls and an ex-husband who abandoned his autistic son to try to goad the local police into arresting her for poisoning her children.

Thankfully, the police had the common sense to see through the NBC-Troll-Dirtbag Ex-Husband BS.

(Not enough for NBC which shamed the police in a headline for not “doing something.”)

In addition to the trauma of having police show up at her door, the mother has had to stop the treatment which was having a miraculous effect on her adult autistic son.

Laurel Austin, the mother in this story, is an outspoken autism safety advocate and a Christian.

Why do you think the trolls and NBC picked her to target of the thousands of mothers who have helped and in some cases completely healed the suffering of their autistic children?

It’s pretty transparent, isn’t it?

The message is clear: If you dare to question vaccine safety – even after it has damaged your children – and you treat your children with anything that works (instead of psych meds) you will be attacked.

By the way, the attacks included numerous deaths threats generated by the trolls and the NBC article.

Yes, these people really are that sick.

Note: The NBC article named ex-husband Bradley Austin and and his current wife Karrie Austin as the people involved in this travesty.

A previous NBC article by the same author praised Melissa Eaton of Salisbury, North Carolina and Amanda Seigler of Lake Worth, Florida for taking personal medical information from private Facebook groups and using it to manufacture over 100 child abuse complaints against families with autistic children all over the country.

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