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Employment and the Neurodivergent

Employment. It seems like a simple thing for most but for the neurodivergent, it can be a challenge. This requires executive functioning. Executive functioning allows people to plan, organize and complete tasks.

For the typical it seems simple. You have a to do list, you get it done and go on to the next one. For people like myself, its no easy task. You need help.

My first job was great. I was a cashier at a grocery store. The people there watched me and helped me with my executive functioning. I was a teenager and I felt safe there. Met the best friends of my life. I thought all employment was that good. I worked there throughout high school. Unfortunately, I was really wrong.

After I moved away from home, I worked in different stores. My executive functioning dysfunction, took over. I never lasted at a job for more than a year. I was always fired for no good reason. It was horrible for my self esteem. I thought there was something really wrong with me. I usually tried to work in stores, because that was what I was comfortable with.

When my husband and I were living together, he suggested doing something different. So we went into the security field. At first it was great. I did different things. I was helping shipping out different tractor trailers. I did the paperwork before the truck drivers took their load. Met a lot of different people. Then I was allowed to go on the computer system. That is when it went wrong. I found out I am dyslexic and I read a lot of the numbers wrong. The manager came and took me off the schedule.

After working for different companies, it was no use.It was the same when I was working for different veterinary hospitals. I was yelled at for making lists. I needed to get over my quirks. It was depressing. Working for different people was a cause of major stress.

Then my husband had an idea of starting my own pet care company. It was the best thing I ever did. I did not have to answer to anyone else. I was in different places and nothing was ever the same. My clients became like family. One even gave us some gas for a generator when we were without power for eight days after hurricane Irma. After I was doing this for a while, then I learned that I am autistic and this was not my fault.

A lot of times autistics do better when they work for themselves. When you are stressed out about your job, please remember this. You were born to be the boss. When you find a field that you are passionate about, run with it. You will be glad you did.

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