Ableism happens every day, even in this enlightened Era

Today was like any other day. I saw pets that needed me, and in between I normally go to a thrift store. One of my stops was near my favorite one, so I decided to stop in.

Found an original Little Foot plushie from the Land Before Time movie. That was amazing. I found some sealed flea medicine for my service dog and an angry bird plushie for my boys.

I went to wait on line. I started to think about the different things I had to do this weekend. It is booked solid. As I was planning in my head what I was going to do then thinking about the pizza. Then I was thinking about how I was going to organize the pantry. Racing thoughts is part of having a shiny brain.

While I was lost in my own thoughts, I then heard the cashier yell “I don’t have all day, I shouldn’t need to give you your own special invitation!” Of course I was annoyed and I walked up to the register. I explained to her that I am autistic and I have ADHD (shiny is not widely used term). She laughed and rang up my items. I continued to say “Making fun of people who have a disability is not ok.” Then she claimed she was not. I told her she was laughing when I told her. She claimed that she was laughing at something else. Then she said something that got my blood boiling:

I’m Sorry you have problems

I immediately said “Don’t be sorry that my brain works faster than yours.” I walked out. Put my purchases in the trunk of my car, put our donations in the bin and walked back inside.

I found a manager in the furniture section. I explained to him what happened. So happens that he is shiny as well. He was not happy and took care of the issue right away.

 It will not always have an acceptable ending but I will explain why this was wrong.

When she saw I clearly was not focused and she tried getting my attention verbally, she should have tried to wave at me. If that did not work, she should have walked over and tried to get my attention or tap my shoulder.

I would have said I was sorry and explained that I have ADHD and I was not focused.

So when I explained she should have said “Thank you for telling me. It’s no problem.” And that would have been the end of it.

This was the first experience like this at this thrift store and I have been going there for years. Hopefully it will be the last one.

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