There are some good people in the medical field

So some of you may know in February, I was in a car accident when we were driving home from cub scouts. We had a green arrow, we turned and the other driver slammed into our car right where I was sitting. Left me with a torn labrum in my right shoulder. I had to let it sit for months because I had no health insurance.The other driver did not have any medical coverage under his car insurance so I just had an MRI and xray. I did have medicaid. The primary care doctor told me my injury was due to my weight.  I only knew what was wrong, I just didnt have any way to treat it.  This is just a background.

Fast forward to last week, I had insurance again. Yay! Handed them the MRI report and disc. I have chronic tendonitis. He told me it was in the bicep tendon and the rotator cuff.  He said I needed a cortisone injection. This will help isolate the pain.

The injection was today. The doctor looked at my chart. “You are autistic, so that means sensory issues. We will use two numbing agents.” I never had that kind of consideration before. He warned me at each step. Very patient. He talked me through the procedure. I even saw a baby frog in the room (We are in Florida, they always find a way inside this time of year.). This gave me something to look at while he was positioning my shoulder.

When it was done, he even helped me up. Not all doctors are negative towards autistics and I fully appreciate him. Update in six weeks.

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