The Spectrum. How Do you Picture it?

The Spectrum. 

How do you view it? It is a very personal thing for every autistic.

For me, I see it as an artists palate. Each color represents a different autistic characteristic.

 The canvas is the autistic person. Just like no two works of art are the same, no two autistic people are the same. The result is always beautiful.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone views us as beautiful but we know we are. Some people would call us unpleasing to the eye when we stim or have autistic behaviors, whatever they may be. We still contribute. Just like there many artistic revolutions, the Autistic Revolution is coming.

We contribute to the progress of this world and people will recognize that in due time.

I have thought long and hard. We all know a spectrum is not linear. A spectrum is a collection of characteristics in one person.

What is your personal vision of what the spectrum looks like?

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