Modified Keto is Doctor Recommended. How I am handling it.

As many of you know I went to the doctor to have my hormone levels checked to get my PCOS. Much to my surprise all my hormones were in the normal range. They have always been all over the place. The doctor attested that to the hormonal IUD that I have.

The one hormone that is high is insulin. This happens when there is insulin resistance. My A1C was a 5.1. It was perfect. Cholesterol is a bit elevated but it is normal with PCOS.

The doctor made her recommendation. I have to go back on a modified ketogenic diet. I am told this is the ONLY reason a doctor would recommend this diet because it could be dangerous in a normal endocrine system. The ketones cause someone with PCOS to have normal weight regulation along with normalized hormones. I need to do this forever. It will just take getting used to.

I have been on the modified keto diet for about 2 days. So far so good. I do not have many food aversions which is a really good thing for this. The only thing is the headache I get from doing it for a while.It feels like a minor crash you get after you come off a stimulant medication such as adderall..  I really like eggs and salad. Aldi’s has baked Parmesan chips. I can eat the cheese straight. Its a stim for me. No one else likes it so its more for me and it tastes better than croutons in salads, in my own opinion.

Everyone need chocolate and its a good thing Adkins makes it so I can have that.

The hardest thing is the prep. I struggle with executive functioning. I do not do well with it. When I am working a long day it makes it hard but so far so good. I keep on saying I need to something, and time gets away. It somehow never gets done. My husband understand now why I have to do this. It has not worked in the past because I did not get the proper support. He just did not understand.

I just need to turn it into a routine to prep for the week. Having ADHD as well, getting a routine started can be a challenge. It will take longer but it can be done. I just need to keep working at it.

There is one thing I am not giving up. Pizza Fridays with the kids. They do not need to suffer for my health needs and one meal a week isn’t going to kill me.

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