Bleacher Exposed: Lousie Elizabeth Walther

 MMS is. It has been all over the news since May, 2019. Anyway, she posted how dangerous it is, mentioning that I was on the Dr. Oz Show and this person had the nerve to comment.
My husband’s grandmother was posting on her personal page how dangerous

She claims she has taken it for three years and her eyesight improves. She has the nerve to say this when children are losing their insides and becoming deathly ill.

I cannot report her because she is not dosing a child but I will make her face famous.

 This type of misinformation is unacceptable. It is dangerous. It causes people to die and suffer from horrendous side effects. The charlatans tell the victims that it is working and to increase the dose. Know that MMS use in anyway is UNACCEPTABLE!

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