Bleacher Exposed: Robertas Butkus

We have a new bleacher. This time he is located in a town called Vilnius, Lithuania.

He has his child on the Ketogenic diet. It is medically sound for very few circumstances but never in children. He then finds blood in his child’s urine.

Then he continues to ask Kerri if he should continue the protocol. Not a doctor who has experience and expertise in medicine. Having a type one diabetic son myself, I know how dangerous ketones in the urine can be. This is an effect of the keto diet and can cause the child to go into ketoacidosis.

At least the Bleach Queen tells him to take his child to the doctor. Only thing she did right here. Then in the same breath he complains that he cannot administer an enema at the hospital. He is more concerned with this child being typical than his physical and mental well being. 

We have located the hospital where this child is at and they have been contacted. That is all we can do for right now.

UPDATE 10/11/2019

He is back home with this little boy. He went right back to poisoning his son. On top of that, he is giving his three year old condtroitin. Something no toddler should take. 
My good friend Fiona O’Leary was able to call the hospital. They laughed and hung up the phone. 
This is still a work in progress.

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