Problematic Organization: Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America was established in 1986 by Bernard Rimland, Ivar Lovaas, Ruth Sullivan and a small group of parents of autistic children. Two of those names should sound familar. Bernard Rimland was the creator of the DAN protocol and Ivar Lovaas was the creator of ABA and Conversion Therapy. That should say enough about the organization.

The organization is located in Bethesda, Maryland. They say they have autistic members on thier board of directors and in leadership positions. Temple Grandin was the first member elected autistic in 1988.

The name when it was founded was the National Society for Autistic Children. The name was change to signify that autistic children do grow up. The goal of ASA was to increase awareness about autism and the day to day issues autistic people and their families face. This organization promotes pseudoscience. They pushed the denial of vaccines and inhumane treatments. These treatments include beating and shocking with cattle prods to name a few.

They claim on their website that they improve the lives of those “affected by autism” for over 50 years. In the early 1970’s they started their nationwide awareness campaign. It was adopted by Congress in 1984. This strengthened the release of the autism awareness ribbon in 1999. What they do not realize is that awareness campaigns are killing autistic people. They do not push acceptance, which is what autistic people need.

In 1976, ASA launched a brain tissue study and they formed a foundation focused on applied research in 1996. The first national conference on autism was put on by the Autism Society in 1969.

There are 120,000 members and supporters connected through their network of 90 affiliates through the county. The membership of the Austism Society continues to grow. There are more parents and professionals talking over what the autistic community actually wants.

Here is a timeline of Ableism:

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