My Adventures with Children's Services. They are not as evil as people make them out to be

So we had a bad start with my almost 9 year old son’s teacher. He has OCD, is autistic. He is not eligible for specialized classes because he is not “autistic enough.” His teacher said she would not read the 504 until the second week of classes. We did get that addressed. I mention that to give a bit of background.

No phone calls, no emails from the teacher so I assume everything is fine. Earlier this week, I got a phone call from the guidance counselor. He said that my son had an odor to him when he takes a shower every morning. We try to give our kids a certain level of privacy. I am big on boundaries because of how I grew up. The next day, I had my husband sit in the bathroom with him. My husband saw exactly what he was doing wrong and prompted him to wash up effectively.

On the way to school that day, he did spill a little pediasure on him. For those who do not know, pediasure is a nutritional drink designed to help kids gain weight. He is little, only 40 pounds. I sent him in with a second uniform shirt because I did not want him to miss breakfast.

After we arrived home from school, we were talking about it. I was just about to get some things we needed for dinner and we get a knock on the door. I go to the door. I said outloud “I knew it.” It was children’s services and a police officer. We have had a ton of bogus calls in the past, so dealing with them is no big deal for us.

I invited them in. They were both very respectful. The social working talked with each of the kids separately. We started from the child who had the most language and worked our way to the children who needed help. This was to make things easier for the workers. My idea. This way goes the most smoothly.

While my son in question was talking to them, the rest were eating dinner. The police officer was talking with them. All of a sudden, they were talking about scouts and started singing “Back to Gillwell.” For those who do not know, that is the song that is sang constantly at woodbadge.

After the song and dinner, the officer took the kids out to his car and let them turn on the siren and lights. He was really good with them.

After talking with all the kids seperately, my roomates, my husband and I, the worker said we did nothing wrong. Mentioned that the teacher was probably new. They just need to talk to my brother in law that spends time with the kids a lot.

No one came to my house to take the kids away. They followed up on a complaint, like their job dictates. That is it. Even my daughter, who was in foster care from ages 6-9 (she is actually my husband’s sister) talked to the social worker and there was no trauma. She was amazing with all my kids.

Childrens services isn’t put in place to kidnap your children. Period.

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