The divide between #actallyautistic Activists Should Not Be. We Are All On the Same Team.

When you talk with or read content from an autistic activist or advocate, the content is usually about the same. We pick our specialty, not all specialties are the same but they do overlap. We want acceptance, not to be poisoned and treated like a human. Everyone’s content is a little different but the goals are all the same.  Not a hard concept, right? You would think.

Now we have too many advocates acting like they are against each other. We really shouldn’t be. We are all fighting for the same thing. We all want the same goal. We should all be a family, but we are not. 
It does not matter how much or how little you contribute. You contribute something. Your contribution is valid. You are valuable to the cause of Autistic Civil Rights. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not matter. If its educating people online the dangers of being anti vax, mms, chelation and other unhealthy behaviors.You are valuable.  I thank you. 
It does not matter if you report or not. People will report. You personally do not have to if you do not feel comfortable with it. You may not have enough spoons for it. That is OK. You help in other ways You are valid. You are valuable. I thank you. 
It does not matter how long you have been in this fight. Whether you just started today or have been doing this for 30 years, you are valuable. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We all have something we can bring to this fight to gain more civil rights. It is not a contest. Some of us have been at it longer than people realize. For example, I have been reporting parents who bleach their kids a lot longer than I have been public. I was hiding in the shadows and that is how I liked it. There are so many people who cannot be loud and proud, and I am proud of each and every one of you. You are valuable. I thank you. 
It does not matter how many media appearances  you have had. There are valuable advocates who have had zero media appearances and they are creating change. I have only started and that was with the help of another advocate in the UK who gave a reporter my name. No one asked her to do it but I was happy to help that way. To become the face of it here, along with Melissa. There are people who are not public who do more than anyone will realize. They do it in secret. There is so much change in our fight that is happening right this minute. The amount of media appearances does not matter. Of course being in the media brings more attention to the public, but that does not equal a measurement of how much you do for the cause. 
It is time that advocates act like the family we are, and get along. We are all fighting for the same thing, the subject matter does differ between individuals but we all have the same goal. We all want acceptance, and to be free from harm and abuse. If we all work together, we can reach this goal much faster than if we are against each other. If we are against each other we are fighting one another AND ableism. We only need to be fighting the ableism. 

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