Bleacher Exposed: Santiago llopis gasso

I have been quite busy. There are a lot of Spanish speaking bleachers. I have taken it upon myself to learn a Spanish but most of these translations are a product of Google Translate. 

In Spain, we have Santiago Llopis Gasso. He has been bleaching his son for quite some time. 

I was able to find his information right away. He did not try to hide his identity, which made my job a lot easier. He is well known and in a band in Spain. This band is called Quartet De Llevant. 

Here are the screen shots. I am also going to provide the translations. 

English translation: 
Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 07:41]
Hello partners

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 07:43]
I wanted to tell you that we have been doing enemas morning and night for a few days
Salt baths morning and night
Today we started with 12 drops of MMS, although we have to reach 24, we are already in the middle and although it seems insignificant it has cost us a lot to reach this dose
It takes two days eating a little better and accepting a little better some foods, we are sleeping well for 3 days
Today, for the first time, she has let my sister cut her hair, incredible but true …
Today is one of those days when I feel a little excited I think that if you can, it will be a very long way to go but little by little I hope to get it
A hug for everyone

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 07:44]
By the way, we have been exaggerated parasites and biofilm for 2 days, my mother everything that comes out of it …. When parasites and biofilm come out, I see how much improvement
Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 08:32]
In the case of my son the parasites are seen with the naked eye

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 08:32]
Sometimes they get rolled up with the poop just when they go to the bathroom

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 08:32]
Other times he takes them out when we do enemas

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 08:33]
I took a picture yesterday but of very poor quality you can’t see

Santiago Llopis Gassó, [04.01.20 08:33]
But I have one of the first parasite that came out which is impressive

Spain does not make it easy to report. I tried emailing their police department. This is the answer I received (translated by Google translate): 

In relation to the information you provide, we inform you that if you consider yourself affected by the events described, you may file a complaint with the police or judicial authorities in your country. This complaint, if it is not prosecuted, will be sent through the International Police bodies (Interpol or Europol) to carry out the pertinent steps to clarify the facts, by the Spanish police authorities. If they are prosecuted, they must be referred by the Judge who knows the case through a rogatory commission to the Spanish authorities by judicial means.
You could also file the complaint with the police or judicial authorities in Spain, in any Civil Guard Post, police station of the National Police Corps, or in the court of instruction of the guard that corresponds to the judicial party that includes the locality in which resides, being the competence of both the court of instruction that understands in the matter, and of the corresponding police unit to carry out the pertinent procedures, aimed at clarifying the denounced by him, as well as the identification of the alleged author of the same . By sending the data by email, THEY DO NOT HAVE FORMAL COMPLAINT VALUE and are treated exclusively for information purposes.
We take this opportunity to greet you, remaining at your disposal for any information you wish regarding this Institution.
General Directorate of the Civil Guard
Citizen Information and Assistance Office
Telephone: 900 101 062

I had to scramble for an advocate in Spain. I posted on my Facebook page about needing someone who lives in Spain. This is why. With the help of Louis Brunel of Crimson AU, I was connected with some wonderful advocates from Spain and Latin America. Some have heard of my work but some have not and were more than happy to help. They reported the child for me and it is out of my hands. I am forever grateful for them. You never do this job alone. You need to network and have friends in different places for it to work.

This is why I have not been as active as I would like. It is all for a good cause. My Spanish is getting better so I can report these parents to save the children.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to fight this until it is not there to fight anymore.

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