Quack Exposed: Roby Mitchell


I am sure most of you have never heard of Roby Mitchell but now you will know who he is. Roby Michell is responsible for the billboards of Kerri Rivera in Amarillo, Texas. He is currently providing the fees to keep these billboards up. He is a former physician located where the billboards are.

He is a former physician because he was ordered to stop practicing medicine by the Texas Review Board. The order has nothing to do with autism, but I am sure the autistic community is thankful for it.

Roby Mitchell was treating a cancer patient. He prescribed the patients blood be injected into a pregnant cow’s udder and then the patient drink milk from that same udder. This is according to the Texas Medical Board.  The patient passed away in hospice before drinking any of this milk.

The Texas Medical Board issued a cease and desist order to Roby Mitchell that forbids him from practicing medicine in any capacity.

In May of 2005, the board revoked his medical license because he failed to comply with the order.

In April of 2011, Michell prescribed the same treatment for a patient with metastatic melanoma. He misrepresented himself as an oncologist. He called the treatment “colustrum bovine treatment.”

Click on each image to see the medical license revocation and institutional permit revocation

Today he is concentrating on promoting Kerri Rivera‘s quackery. His supplements are part of the CD Protocol. He was issued a warning from the FDA.


We have videos like this. He still promotes quackery and putting lives at risk.

He has active websites and social media pages promoting quackery and putting lives at risk. He is very dangerous. There is a reason he had his medical licenses revoked.


Even A Cat Anesthetic To Try To Cure Autism

In April of 2020, my colleague Melissa Eaton spoke to vice about this horrific practice. Ketamine is more commonly used as a sedative before anesthesia in feline patients. With the help of a pain management doctor, Mitchell was directing the treatment of a 6 year old boy who has been administered 3 ketamine IV drips. Mitchell claimed this would cure autism in the child.
{Dr Fitt (Roby Mitchell, MD)

January 17.

I initially thought autism was incurable. I thought that as with Down’s

syndrome and cerebral palsy, autism was congenital. This changed when I

saw a child recover after mom started him on BALI Eating

Plan, Robynzyme and other supplements. This made me dig into the

medical research on autism.

What I discovered is that autism spectrum behavior is caused by

inflammation in the portion of the brain called the amygdala-the area of

the brain controlling social interaction. Well, I’ve been treating

inflammation for 30 years. Piece of cake, I thought. My protocol worked

sporadically. One reason was that my agent to fight brain inflammation

was black seed oil 8. In general,children on the spectrum are finicky

concerning tastes and textures. Another reason is I couldn’t find another

agent that crosses the blood brain barrier to kill critters in the brain.

Just scanning health related articles, I came across a diatribe concerning

Kerri Rivera and her use of chlorine dioxide to treat autism. The article

was written in the yellow journalism format I’ve come to know as a red

flag for targeting someone who is a threat to drug dealers. I was familiar

with chlorine dioxide from when I was associate director at the Tahoma

Clinic with Jonathan Wright. It was a safe, effective, inexpensive treatment

for Candida. Using it to treat autism made perfect sense as it crosses the

blood brain barrier and can be tolerated easier than black seed oil.

So00000, I called up Kerri to find out more about what she was doing and

to offer any assistance as I know a little about treating inflammation. I

found her to be with no formal medical training, one of the most educated

people on autism spectrum I’d ever spoken to. To date, she has helped

recover over 500 children with autism spectrum disorders.

There had been documented in videos and social media posts by Roby Mitchell himself and the child’s mother and grandmother. This treatment was recommended and directed by Mitchell. It was administered by Dr. BJ Daneshfar. He was the pain management doctor that was teaming up with Mitchell.


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Roby Mitchell




4K Views about a month ago. Amarillo, TX

There are several ways to cure autism once you understand that the cause is inflammation in the amygdala portion of the brain due to Candida

overgrowth. The first child I saw cured simply used the BALI Eating Plan, Robynzyme and other supplements. My friend/colleague Rashad Buttar D.

O. cured his son using diet, supplements and chelation therapy. The chelation removes aluminum deposited into the brain by vaccines. Aluminum

stimulates an immune system response in the brain. Kerri Rivera uses the antifungal chlorine dioxide along with diet changes and hydrochloric acid

replacement. Chlorine dioxide crosses the blood brain barrier to kill Candida. Chlorine dioxide is such a safe and effective disinfectant, it is replacing

chlorine as the disinfectant of choice for swimming pools and municipal water systems.

There are 2 prescription drugs that cross the blood brain barrier and kill Candida. One is Suramin. Suramin is given I. V. to treat African sleeping

sickness caused by a parasite. Suramin is not readily available and causes significant side effects. However, it’s dirt cheap ($27 or given for free in

some cases). The other is ketamine. Ketamine has been safely used on all ages since the 1960’s to put people to sleep prior to surgery. It was used

as a battlefield pain reliever during the Vietnam War. From that experience, it was discovered that ketamine was effective as an antidepressant and

treatment for PTSD. We know now from SPECT scans that depression is caused by brain inflammation. Using the Law of Parsimony, I reasoned that

inflammation in both conditions were likely caused by the same microbial antecedent. If ketamine was curing depression, it should also cure autism.

BJ Daneshfar M. D. now offers this cure for autism and instructs families on the importance of diet changes and hydrochloric acid replacement.}

The child’s grandmother said that his pediatrician signed off on the treatment. “There are several way to cure autism once you understand that the cause is inflammation in the amygdala portion of the brain due to candida overgrowth,” according to Mitchell.

{Roby Mitchell

March 5 at 4:10 PM

When I figured out that ketamine could cure autism,my first call was to a

local neurologist. I may as well have been speaking Chinese. He had no

concept of inflammation, let alone its association with autism. A

NEUROLOGIST! The association between brain inflammation and autism

is in the neurology medical journals.

Sol next called BJ Daneshfar M. . BJ definitely understands the

relationship between inflammation and chronic disease. We had already

reversed ALS in a patient. He agreed to try it with autism. Ketamine

treatment cures autism because it addresses the root

cause, inflammation in the amygdala portion of the brain.

But it doesn’t end with just ketamine. In order to keep inflammation from

returning,we must restore the Passover Protocol mechanisms that

normally keep Candida and other critters from overgrowing. This means

following BALI Eating Plan, addressing hydrochloric acid deficiency and

addressing the other Intelligent Design mechanisms. Autism is very


Even Alysia  Halladay, the chief science officer at Autism Science Foundation says its unsafe. “Ketamine is a psychoactive drug that has been studied extensively in animal models, and more recently in humans as a treatment for refractory depression in adults. There are also reports of it being used for seizures in children. There is still very little safety data on it even in adults, so using it for children with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders is premature and possibly unsafe. We need more research on the safety and efficacy of different doses before it should be used in children with ASD. Don’t put your kids down the K-hole.”

He was driving this car off the backs of autistics everywhere until December 22, 2020.


FDA Warning Even After His Death

Even though Michell had died, other people have taken over this businesses to carry on the quackery. On February 25, 2021 a warning letter was drafted by the FDA. The letter was to inform them that they were caught mislabeling supplements to treat COVID 19. The company is being watched by the FDA and FTC. They are being given an opportunity to address the FDA’s concerns.




One thought on “Quack Exposed: Roby Mitchell

  1. I reported some of the crap on his Facebook pages. I'd say it is doubtful he believes some of the pseudoscience he posts which would mean he knowingly harms folks for the bucks and possibly the lols. He definitely needs to be jailed.


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