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What is MMS?

For those who don’t know who I am. My name is Aviva Seigler and I am an autistic advocate. I have been behind the scenes fighting abusive treatments done to autistic children for over six years. One in particular has been under scrutiny in the media over the past week. Now I do not have to keep quiet about this issue. It is public. This treatment is called Miracle Mineral Solution.
Miracle Mineral Solution by the Genesis II church


Miracle Mineral Solution is Chlorine Dioxide. It is FDA approved for certain applications. This application is for purifying water in very minute concentrations. The application in this case, is a “miracle” cure for autism. This is applied in much higher concentrations into enemas, oral solutions, topical solutions and even in humidifiers. Side effects include sores, rashes, liver failure, jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, shedding the intestinal lining and even altering red blood cells.
Who came up with such a horror? Jim Humble at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Jim Humble claims it is a miracle cure for Autism, diabetes, cancer, ebola, malaria, etc. Jim Humble fled to Mexico. The archbishop of this church is now Mark Grenon. Mark Grenon’s son, Bishop Jonathon Grenon, is distributing it in Brandonton, Florida.
How did it get marketed to autistic families?


A real estate agent named Kerri Rivera met with Jim Humble about MMS and they developed a protocol to administer to autistic children. She claims her protocol has “healed” her son. She wrote a book explaining exactly how her protocol worked. It is called “Healing the symptoms known as Autism. She claims its not bleach. She introduced this protocol at Jenny McCarthy’s Autism One Conference. At this conference, she taught parents how to poison their children.


How did I get involved?
My son was diagnosed as autistic when he was three. After seeing the neurologist, there was not a lot of information available to me. Because of this, I started to research on the internet. My own mother told me to listen to what Jenny McCarthy had to say. I was in college and knew her findings were not based on science. I found a lot of information but one thing in particular caught my attention. MMS was advertised as a miracle cure. I looked further into it. Chlorine Dioxide. It is an industrial beach and was being used as a cure. I could not believe what I saw. I thought it was fake. I looked further into that. “These parents have to be stopped, “ I thought.
Later I was looking for positive autistic groups because most of the support groups were complaining about their children. How much of a burden their children are. It disgusted me.
Emma Dalmayne rescued me out of a “martyr mom” group and I was very grateful. Over time we became very close friends. I really appreciate her for that. Through her, I figured out I am on the spectrum as well. I had gotten myself formally diagnosed. I felt a sense of relief.
After knowing Emma for a while, she started posting photos and screen shots of people poisoning their kids and she needed help reporting in the United States. I was more than happy to help. This has been going on for six years. Through this process, I also met up with Melissa Eaton. The three of us. along with many others, have been reporting parents all over the world who subject their children to such abuse.
New media Coverage Changed our fight
Image from news story at NBC


When Brandy Zadrozny from NBC Universal contacted Emma, she pointed her into my and Melissa’s direction. We have been working for three months on this monumental story. We were contacted by HLN, and local news stations. A major pod cast in Australia wanted to talk to us. The outcry has been incredible! I never expected it to go as viral as it did. I no longer have to keep quiet. Now that we are getting the support we need, we are going to try to introduce legislation to protect these children and vulnerable adults. This is what we needed to make real change. Let’s make waves, and protect our vulnerable children and adults.


Update: Kerri Rivera and Genesis II church both received warning letters from the FDA

Ketokerri FDA Warning Letter
Genesis II FDA Warning Letter

Petition for Change
Here is a link to our petition. Please sign it to help us get the legislation passed for the children.

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