Quack Exposed: Dr. Monique Andrews

Dr. Monique Andrews has been a practicing chiropractor for almost 20 years. She graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She was awarded the Presidential Citation for Service to the Chiropractic Profession. She co-founded The Prana Group in Ottowa, Canada. She now serves as Chair of Basic Sciences at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, Califonia.

She has been a repeat speaker at Autismone. Below is her lecture at AutismOne 2019.

She first thing she states is “I am not an autism expert.” This is always a red flag. Why give a talk on something you are not an expert on?

She does say one thing right “I don’t think autism is a disease.”

Autistic people are not ill, autistic people are just different.

It degrades from there.

The Quackery

She says it is possible to change the biology and change the behavior. She says its not genetics, its “changing states.” Toxins, stress, and environment overwhelm the brain.

“If you don’t have a healthy body, you can’t have a healthy brain . . . If you don’t have a healthy environment. you cant have a healthy body.”

“Autism is about a normal homeostatic process in the brain that goes awry and that process is inflammation.” It becomes inflamed due to thoughts, trauma, toxins . . .”

She states when aligning someone’s spine, it improves brain function. With adjustments, autism is treated.

She states that the brain controls all body functions, which is true. She makes a diabetes joke by saying its not the pancreas unless “you are a sugar junkie.”

The signs of autism self-awareness, planning, social engagement, flattened affect, motor coordination issues, impulse control, difficulty learning, and memory difficulty are caused by slowed migration. She says the glial cells are responsible. “Autistic children show abnormal development with slowed migration and altered synaptic activity,” She says this is an issue with the frontal lobe. She says this causes inflammation.

Actual Causes of Autism

Please excuse the medical model language for this part. According to the CDC, there is no known cause of autism. The CDC believes there are likely causes. These include different factors including environmental, biological and genetic factors.

These factors are genes, having a sibling who is autistic, having fragile X syndrome, having tuberous sclerosis, valproic acid and thalidomide during pregnancy, and children born to older parents. These are correlations, not causations. There is no proven cause of someone being autistic except genetics.



One thought on “Quack Exposed: Dr. Monique Andrews

  1. Note the use of the term Intelligent over and over to introduce the woman? The prevailing frame of reference these people always use, always involves the idea that if you are not autistic and identify as Neurotypical, you are also this highly intelligent, physically healthy and functional human. All else seems inferior. Of course, the only model of autistic people they all subscribe to is that of the damaged child. Being lets face it, either parents of vulnerable autistic children or people making money from such people.


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