Quack Exposed: Dr. Richard Boles


Dr. Richard Boles is a medical geneticist and pediatrician. He specializes in mitochondrial medicine functional disease (this includes cyclic vomiting syndrome, and other atypical forms of migraine and chronic fatigue syndrome) and autism.

The purpose of his private practice in Medical Genetics is to apply DNA sequencing to the “health of the child.”

Personal Statement from Dr. Boles:

“My career and passion for the last 20 years has been to bring the functional and autistic disorders into the medical mainstream. I do not believe that people who suffer from chronic and severe pain, nausea, or fatigue should be told that there is nothing “real” going on, nothing that can be tested for, and nothing that can be treated. I do not believe that parents of a child with autism should be told that further diagnosis and treatment are unavailable or inappropriate. Recent advances in genetics have exploded in the last several years regarding the genetic and environmental factors that can contribute towards all of these conditions and more. Unfortunately, very few physicians use this advancing knowledge, even at the major medical and academic centers. In my experience, most patients with these conditions improve with a genomic (DNA sequence)-based approach, many dramatically so, although not all do. If you or your child becomes my patient, I cannot promise you that we will find underlying causes or factors for your/your child’s disease. I also cannot promise you that any causes or factors that are found will be treatable, or that the treatment will work. What I am promising you is that I will reallylisten to you, that I will suggest any testing, DNA sequencing or otherwise, that might help understand the disease better, and that I will discuss with you any appropriate treatment options. “

He treats children and young adults up to age 25 with a variety of conditions:

  • mitochondrial disease and dysfunction
  • autism
  • complicated migraine include cyclic vomiting syndrome
  • other chronic pain disorders
  • chronic fatigue syndrome

Patient Requirements for Practice:

  1. Mitocondrial disease or dysfunction
  2. “Any autistic spectrum disorder”- He uses functioning labels 
  3. A complicated migraine-like illness
  4. functional disease- chronic fatigue, migraine (common varieties), chronic pain, GI dysmotility, dysautonomia/POTS, or mood disorder (anxiety, depression bipolar disorder, panic attacks)
  5. Agreement: Acceptance of all the conditions of the practice, including financial terms

Novelty of Practice

There were recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies. The practice seeks to use massive DA sequence information in medical practice. 

Scope of Practice

Patients are expected to have a primary care physician and specialists in some cases. They need to follow the patient throughout the year. Dr. Boles’ practice is primarily quaternary care (the intent is to advise the various specialists and primary care physicians).  The visits are semi annually or annually. This is dependent on how far the family lives from the practice and ability to travel. 

Payment for Services

  • a new appointment is $1200 for a 2-3 hour visit
  • If there is more than one person being seen as a new patient, there is an $800 charge for each additional patient. 
  • The first half of the visit ($600 if one patient is seen) is due within 30 days of scheduling the appointment
  • Payment for the second half is due at the time of the visits
  • Follow-ups are scheduled for one hour. The charge is $500  and is due at time of appointment. 
  • Insurance is not accepted


Dr. Boles is collecting data in order to educate other physicians and providers and learn more about the conditions he is “treating.” He uses his patients to collect data for his own personal research. 

One thought on “Quack Exposed: Dr. Richard Boles

  1. ���� when will there be a cure for neurotypicality? I’m told that’s a serious and life long condition. Surely there’s hope for those that are afflicted with this serious illness?


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