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Quack Exposed: Candyce Estave

  Candyce Estave is an advocate and activist for biomedical treatment on children. She was never a medical professional.  She grew up in Wyoming and moved to California in 1985. She worked as a bartender and moved up to management. She learned how to be a business promoter.   In 2002, she met Ed Estave… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Candyce Estave

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Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

Norma Erickson is a freelance writer and an independent business consultant. She is not a medical professional. She has been an anti-HPV vaccine activist for over 10 years. She has published many articles. She says she advocates for informed choice and medical consumer protection. In 2010, Erickson established SaneVax, Inc. This was a "direct response… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

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Quack Exposed: Eric C Epstein

Eric Epstein is a chiropractor located in Louisville, Kentucky. HE graduated with honors in 1996 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Epstein completed his post-graduate studies at Palmer College in 2005. He earned a certificate in pediatric chiropractic. Epstein ran his own chiropractor clinic from 1996-2015. He was a teacher of Anatomy and… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Eric C Epstein

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Quack Exposed: Dr. Michael W. Elice

Dr. Michael Elice is a board-certified pediatrician who claims to treat autistic people, mitochondrial disorders, PANDAS, immune and metabolic dysregulation. This treatment is based on the theory that autism and related conditions are complex neurodevelopmental disorders with genetic, biochemical and immunological origins. This makes them to be autoimmune disorders. Autism is not an autoimmune disease.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Dr. Michael W. Elice

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Interview with Aut-ish on Discourse, Pseudoscience and Scouting Accessibility notice and Intro Music – 00:00-00:25 For more accessibility, feel free to read the transcript as you listen. Available at: Onikage Hello, and welcome to the Aut-Ish podcast. My name is Onikage. And this Autism podcast, like my blog provides various autistic content. I am autistic myself and I want to promote acceptance,… Continue reading Interview with Aut-ish on Discourse, Pseudoscience and Scouting

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Quack Exposed: Melissa Easton

Melissa Easton is a holistic health practitioner. She is also the mother of two autistic children who she believes to be vaccine injured. Her sons were diagnosed in 2016. As soon as this happened, she started researching "natural healing options to help recover them." She had the idea that parents who wanted to recover their… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Melissa Easton

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Quack Myth: Lyme Disease causes Autism

The view of the Lyme-Induced Autism Foundation (LIAF) is that it induces autism in children. They claimed that up to 90% of autistic children are infected with Borrelia. There is no peer viewed studies that support this claim.  According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), having an ELISA or Western Blot blood test is… Continue reading Quack Myth: Lyme Disease causes Autism

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Quack Exposed: Tami Duncan

Tami Duncan is the mother of two children. For twelve years she had tried different biomedical treatments and therapies. She had suffered from Lyme disease. She thinks she awakened her own "spiritual gifts." She started to think she is a spiritual healer after taking one reiki class. She says she can communicate with autistic children… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Tami Duncan

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Quack Exposed: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN FDN

Kathleen DiChiara is a functional nutrition practitioner, certified integrative health & nutrition coach and bio-individual nutrition practitioner. She has special training in biochemistry and restrictive diets (GAPS and Gluten-Free/Casein-Free) designed for autistic people, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic conditions. Her clinical work focuses on the microbiome (gut), functional nutrition and immunological reactions involved in… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN FDN

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Quack Exposed: Richard Deth

Richard Deth started working for Nova Southeastern University in September of 2014. Deth is a professor in pharmacology. He earned his bachelor's in Pharmacology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology in Miami, Florida. He is not a clinician and is not authorized to give medical advice.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Richard Deth