Quack Exposed: Susan Burdick, LMT


Susan Burdick is the founder and developer of the Restore for Life. Restore for Life is a form of light touch therapy. It is described as a “holistic integrated light touch therapy based on a blend of science and ancient wisdom passed down for centuries. Restore is rooted in knowing how to access and activate the intelligence in your body, enabling it to work efficiently and effortlessly for better overall body function on all levels.”

To participate in a workshop, she charges $690. It seems high for someone to learn how to touch someone, especially since light touch can be a sensory nightmare for a lot of autistic people. She travels around the country to teach her therapy to many people.

 She is licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for Bodywork. She has worked at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in NH. She developed a lymphatic restore for people with lymphedema. She has studied many forms of natural health.

She is an approved provider unit for continuing nursing education by the Northeast Multi-state division (NE-MSD). She is also an Approved Provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers and former Polarity educator.

She wrote the book “Reboot Your Body, Flexibility for a Beter Body Function.”

Over the years, Burdick has adapted her Restore technique for “children and adults with different levels of autism, improving their overall body function resulting in a better quality of life.” She specializes in children, young adults, and their families.



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