Quack Exposed: Dr. Jodie A Dashore

Jodie Dashore is a clinician in autism, biotoxin illness/chronic inflammatory response syndrome, and Lyme disease. She is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and a Lyme Naturopathic Clinician. She uses “all-natural protocols for helping patients with chronic and treatment-resistant Lyme Disease.” She says all her approaches are “plant-based biological approaches.” She currently works with people in 25 different countries around the world. She works through her clinic Bionexus Health. She founded it in 2009 and it is located in Marlboro, New Jersey.

Her treatments include:

  • clinical herbalism
  • homeopathy
  • homeopathic toxicology
  • diuretics
  • biological
  • biomedical

Dashore received her Ph.D. in integrative medicine. Her thesis focus was on medical herbalism for autism. She has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy specializing in neurology with a focus on traumatic brain injury and stroke. She has a post-doctorate in advanced neurosensory integration. She is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild.

She is a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Board-certified Integrative Pediatrician. She is also

She specializes in :

  • Autism
  • mold and biotoxin illness (chronic inflammatory response syndrome)
  • Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections
  • Chronic neurological disorders
  • pediatric neurological disorders
  • cancer
  • methylation and mitochondrial disorders
  • chronic autoimmune conditions


Dashore claims she can “recover” a person from autism. She calls it the Shoemaker Protocol. She offers Skype appointments.

What Dashore Says Autism Is

“The Majority of our ASD patients have multiple bacteria, fungal, parasitic and viral infections.
“We found the presence of underlying infections both accute and chronic
  • “Over 95% of our ASD patients test positive for Tick Borne infections like Lyme borrellosis
  • “Over 70% ASD patients test positive for PANS (used to be called PANDAS) and CIRS

“This could be important in the inception, progression and severity of autism”

She says her autistic patients come in with vaccine injuries, toxins, parasites, and other underlying conditions. She says that 100% of her pediatric patients come in with tick-borne infections and have PANS. She says that over 70% of her patients will have PANS and CIRS at the same time.

 Her Lecture on the Subject

Camels Milk 

Dashore’s Claims

Dashore says that doctors in India, Africa, and the Middle East increasingly recognize camel’s milk benefits. She claims that the American doctors have been slower to accept it. “Anything holistic always comes last to the United States.”

She learned about it from Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt, from her son’s doctor. In 2011, when her son started drinking camel milk, she claims that his motor tics initially became three or four times worse. She calls this a “healing crisis.” She claims that the milk kills off harmful bacteria. After two weeks he stopped having these “tics.” She claims that camels Milk cures autism.

Dashore recommends camel milk for every autistic child as part of a broader treatment. She says that 99% of parents follow her advice “especially since they know I have a live guinea pig at home.” She literally called her son a guinea pig.  There was a Facebook group called “Healing with Camel Milk” that serves as a resource for parents trying to cure their children.

The truth about Camels Milk

The FDA warns about this being a fake cure for autism. They warn not to try any fake cures that claim to cure autism. They are not real and can be potentially dangerous.


2 thoughts on “Quack Exposed: Dr. Jodie A Dashore

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  2. I congratulate you for your commitment to expose such a fraudulent quack. Type “Dr jodie dashore” into google search and check the negative google reviews of “BioNexus Health” . Very revealing of her true nature.


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