Quackery Myth: Safety of HPV Vaccine



HPV Vaccine is not safe.

Fact: The HPV vaccine is safe and doesn’t contribute to any serious health issues. Any vaccine or medication can cause mild reactions. The most common is pain or redness at the injection site. Other typical side effects are :
1. low-grade fever
2. headache or feeling tired
3. nausea
4. muscle or joint pain
All of these effects are temporary.
The vaccine itself has been researched for many years, including 10 years of research before it could be used in humans. It is highly monitored but the FDA. Vaccines in the US have never been safer because it has strict standards from the FDA.

HPV Vaccine Can Lead to Infertility

Fact: Claims of HPV vaccine-induced infertility due to premature ovarian failure are anecdotal and not back by any clinical trials or studies. A recent study of over 200,000 women found no link between the HPV vaccine and premature ovarian failure. The HPV vaccine can help protect infertility by preventing gynecological problems related to the treatment of cervical cancer. Its possible that the treatment of cervical cancer could leave a woman infertile. It’s also possible that the treatment for cervical pre-cancer can cause preterm delivery and other complications.

HPV Vaccine is not Effective At Preventing Cervical Cancer

Fact: In the studies that led to the approval of the vaccine, it provided nearly 100% protection against persistent cervical infections with HPV types 16 and 18. In addition, the pre-cancers that those persistent infections can cause. A clinical trial of HPV vaccines in men indicated that they can prevent anal cell changes caused by persistent infection and genital warts. HPV associate cancers can take decades to develop, so it will be a few more years before we will be able to have studies comparing cancer rates.

Only Girls Need to Get the HPV Vaccine, Men and Boys Do not Need It

Fact: HPV affects both men and women. It can cause genital warts, penile, anal and oral cancer in men. It can also be easily transmitted to a sex partner without either of the partners knowledge.

Getting the HPV Vaccine Will Encourage Adolescents to be More Sexually Promiscuous

Fact: There is no research connection between the HPV vaccine to increase in sexual activity. There is no evidence that giving the HPV vaccine is connected with more sexual activity. There was a recent article reviewing studies of over 500,000 people that revealed there was no increase in sexual ac tivity after the HPV vaccine. Vaccinated participants engaged in safer sex practices than unvaccinated participants.

The HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Protect Against Enough Strains of the HPV to be Worth Getting

Fact: The current HPV vaccine protects against 9 types of HPV. These 9 types have been linked to more than 90% of genital warts cases, 90% of cervical cancers, and 70% of anal cancers. This vaccine is highly protective to prevent these conditions.

HPV is Uncommon, and It’s Unlikely I’ll Be Infected

Fact: The genital HPV infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection and there are over 14 million new infections each year in the US alone. It’s very common that every male and female infected with at least one type of HPV once in their lifetime. There are 80 million Americans infected.

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