Quack Exposed: Senta Depuydt


Senta Depuydt is a Belgian journalist, coach, and organizer of the congress “Sortir de L’Autisme” and the mother of an autistic child with low support needs. Sotir de L’Autisme is the first European Congress on biomedical treatments in Paris and hosted debates on the biology of autism and vaccine safety in numerous French Speaking Countries.

Depuydt is responsible for the premier if Vaxxed in Brussels, Paris, and Cannes as well as an event at UNESCO. She is a board member of the French League of Free Choice in Vaccination and in the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance. She also collaborates with the health freedom organizations across Europe. Depuydt graduated in Communications at the Catholic University of Louvain in 1992.

She believes intensive management of medical problems underlying autism, her son regained health, speech is normal and has a normal life. Ever since this perceived recovery, she spreads misinformation about autism.

Depuydt firmly believes there is a global agenda for mandatory vaccination that is being implemented throughout the world with a single strategy. She says the European Union is creating a vaccination program “throughout life” for all. Her presentation at AutismOne will be on this subject.

“The use of probiotics is an essential component in the treatment of intestinal pathologies associated with autism. However, the number and type of strains, dosage and duration are critical factors which are often overlooked due to the lack of proper information.”

Not all autistic people have GI issues. Two supplements that have been debunked are Simple Spectrum Supplement and All Star Nutrition.



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