Quack Exposed: Kathleen DiChiara, FDN FDN

Kathleen DiChiara is a functional nutrition practitioner, certified integrative health & nutrition coach and bio-individual nutrition practitioner. She has special training in biochemistry and restrictive diets (GAPS and Gluten-Free/Casein-Free) designed for autistic people, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic conditions. Her clinical work focuses on the microbiome (gut), functional nutrition and immunological reactions involved in food allergies and intolerances.

DiChiara is a raw food chef and is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

Dichiara’s son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, which was part of the autism spectrum. It is now all diagnosed as autism. She claims to have “healed” her son through nutrition (GAPS and Gluten-Free/Casein-Free).

She says she suffered from fibromyalgia, severe degenerative arthritis, chronic pain syndrome, and other ailments.

She made it her personal mission to spread misinformation about the power of healthy food and the way food is supposed to heal. She is also a raw food chef.

DiChiara founded Nourished2Learn. It is supposed to bridge the gap between the foundation of health education and academic and athletic performance.

She is the nutrition advisor for the Bionutrient Food Association. It is a national organization that promotes the transformation of agriculture by recognizing the role soil plays in having a healthy crop.

She is also a board member for the Rhode Island Department of Health Board of Chiropractic Examiners. She is an Advisor with Social Enterprise Greenhouse and their Wellness Initiative.

Secret Ingredients

Secret ingredients as a propaganda documentary about the dangers of GMOs and pesticides. It was released in the Fall of 2017. The main focus of the film is DiChiara and her family. The film explains that they had 21 chronic diseases. This ties into the belief that any illness or condition can be cured with nutrition. The belief is that eliminating GMOs, nonorganic foods and pesticides all conditions would disappear.

In the film, she claims that her autistic children are thriving due to this practice. It is also supposed to cure infertility.

“At the heart of the story is Kathleen DiChiara and her family of five who were collectively struggling with 21 chronic diseases.
They were like many other families – despite living a healthy lifestyle and making a point to exercise and ‘eat right’ – they were constantly struggling with one condition after another. When Kathleen was faced with a severe health crisis, she became determined to figure out what was causing these conditions. Everything changed when she identified the secret ingredients that were keeping them a perpetual state of illness – and eliminated them from their kitchen. The results were dramatic. Kathleen’s experience is not uncommon.”

The Hidden Connection

DiChiara has also written a book called the “Hidden Connection.”
Discription from Amazon:
“The body doesn’t lie. At the root of all chronic health issues is an immune response to something in your environment, often leading to poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies, and internal inflammation. The modern system of medicine has created a paradigm in which it’s normal to suffer from many conditions. You have been taught how to “manage” disease rather than uncover the root cause of the symptoms. This book will awaken the health detective in everyone, by teaching you how to listen to your body’s messages and discover what’s feeding your disease. It invites us to consider the functional approach to nutrition by looking at the systems of the body to correct imbalances and dysfunction. Based on a true story of chronic illness and autism, this book blends personal experience and science to inspire others to believe in the body’s ability to heal. As the author effectively demonstrates in this book, we can change the epidemic of chronic disease in this world. It starts at home. It starts with you. Reviews: This book is a must-read for anyone who still thinks that nutrition and health are unrelated, or for anyone who is confused by all the misinformation that’s being dished out by the processed food industry. Full of useful facts and great visuals, and based on personal experience, Kathleen’s book is your best guide for eating your way back to health.”


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