Quack Exposed: Tami Duncan


Tami Duncan is the mother of two children. For twelve years she had tried different biomedical treatments and therapies. She had suffered from Lyme disease. She thinks she awakened her own “spiritual gifts.” She started to think she is a spiritual healer after taking one reiki class. She says she can communicate with autistic children telepathically.

Duncan founded the not for profit Lyme Induced Autism. This is based on the belief that Lyme disease causes autism. This organization is no longer active. According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation, it does not. A full explanation can be found here.

In 2009, she became a “student of the universe.” She trained in reiki, vibrational healing, shamanic techniques, multidimensional frequencies, Garcia energetics, mediumship, channeling, essential oils, flower essences, telepathic communication any many more. She says all of these techniques are given to her through spiritual guidance.

In April of 2015, she started to host and mentor others to find “their healer within and express to the world.”In May of 2015” Vibrational Healing for Autism (AKA Awesome Kids) was released and considers it to be a gift to the “autism community.” She says autistic children have “divine gifts.”

She currently has a practice of her own and works with families with autistic children doing energetic healing, workshops and speaking (including with Autism One). 

In her clinic, she offers:
One hour yoga or mediation session $65
One hour healing energy session $127
One hour meditative sound healing session $127
Autism Intuitive Balancing $127
40 minutes Teen Healing and Mentoring Session $95

She offers her sessions online as well as in person.



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