The FDA is Indifferent to Autistic Kids but Is Quick to Act When Typical People Are At Risk

Most people know that myself, Emma Dalmayne, Melissa Eaton and many others have been campaigning against the use of quackery, especially MMS for years. At least 6 years. There have been numerous phone calls, emails, and comments that take ours of work.

We spoke to four office of criminal investigation agents, director of fraud, the Department of Justice, Attorney General office, and many others. They took down the information and that’s it. NO ACTION.

For the first time, MMS got the attention of the United States, thanks to the article Melissa Eaton and I were featured in, talking about our hard work. This was the first time we ever went public. We have been working at this for years, behind the scenes and anonymous. This led to a lot of media attention, including being on the Dr. Oz show. This is not why we do it.
The original FDA warning against MMS from 2010 but was taken off the site:

The FDA issued a warning against the use of MMS to try to treat autism last year.
 This was due to the call to action by numerous Autistic advocates and allies.
This was only a warning. They promised enforcement action but soon after the warning was issued, the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing hosted a seminar in Eden, NY on the use of MMS to 25 people. These 25 people spent a weekend learning how abuse their loved ones.
Soon after this, Amazon, eBay and Barnes and Noble started to remove MMS related publications from their sites. These abusers were slowly disappearing from mainstream society. At the beginning of December, MMS promoting videos on YouTube were against their terms of service. Kerri Rivera lost her channel and many MMS related videos were removed.
We still were fighting every day. Reporting parents. Doing what we have always done.
Then the spread of COVID 19 started. Of course, Kerri Rivera and Mark Grenan claim that MMS can prevent and cure COVID 19. They cannot help themselves. This alone caused the FDA to issue a warning letter to the Genesis 2 Church about promoting MMS as a cure for COVID 19. They have 48 hours to respond. We are hoping Kerri Rivera is next.
Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that the FDA is doing anything against Genesis 2. They need to be stopped. But I am conflicted.
What about the autistic kids and vulnerable adults? Don’t they deserve protection? When we have been contacting the FDA for YEARS, no action was done. Just a warning. A warning is only as good as the enforcement behind it.
When typical people are threatened, action is taken immediately. When Autistic or disabled people are being poisoned by enemas, oral solutions and humidifiers NOTHING IS DONE?
FDA needs to stop being indifferent and realize disabled lives matter. Autistic lives matter. Stop ignoring our cries for help and DO SOMETHING!

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