Quackery Exposed: Toxin Removal System (TRS)


Toxic Removal System (TRS) is a spray form of chelation that is marketed to an array of medical issues and conditions. People are under the impression that since it is readily available, it is safer. This could not be further from the truth. . One google search and it will come up with thousands of results.

What is TRS?

TRS has two ingredients. They are purified water and nano zeolites. Nano zeolites (clinoptilolite zeolite) is a natural mineral made from a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra. It is used in industrial applications via ion exchange. clinoptilotie can be found in aquarium water purifier, cat litter, pool filters, live stock feed (only a small amount to keep it dry, 2% of feed), etc. These minerals bind to heavy metals and remove it from the body. It is attracted to calcium, potassium, sodium and other minerals that are essential for life. It is called nano zeolites because the particles are more concentrated. One bottle contains the equivalent of 20 pounds of zeolite powder. It sound exactly like chelation because it is chelation.

People chelate when not medically necessary because they believe the myth that vaccines contain heavy metals and they must be purged from the body. When there are not metals that need to be gotten rid of, it binds to any mineral it can find. This can leave a victim very sick and can even cause death.

TRS Claims to:

  • cure cancer
  • cure autism
  • have microbial effects
  • have antiviral effects
  • improve electrolyte balances
  • prevent oral dysiosis
  • helps chelate heavy metal (this is the only thing it does)
  • improve attention (targeting folks with ADHD)
  • reduce alchohol toxicity
  • reduces excess urea
  • improve gut function
  • improve glucose and diabetes (both types when type one is an autoimmune disorder)
  • improve neurodegenerative dieseases
  • enhance wound healing
  • strengthen bones
  • enhance drug delivery
  • improves antioxidant levels
  • be a sunscreen alternative
  • help the vascular system
  • whiten the skin
  • treat Alzheimer’s disease
  • treat dementia

Side Effects of Chelation

Chelating drugs can bind to and remove some metals your body needs, like calcium, copper, and zinc. This can lead to a deficiency in these important substances. Some people who’ve had chelation therapy also have low calcium levels in the blood and kidney damage.


Warning Letter From the FDA

One company, RNA, LLC was sent a warning letter from the FDA about their product ACZ Nano Extra Strength in April of 2018. The warning letter only has them correct that it is a dietary supplement. They fail to see the dangers of removing heavy metals from the body when there is no pathological need. 


Zeo Health Received a letter in 2007:


FDA’s limitation of zeolite:

For use as a pigment extender at levels not to exceed 5.4 percent by weight of the finished paper and paperboard.

Another Marketing Scheme?

TRS has become the new essential oils. There are MLM opportunities. These companies make money off the back of disabled and ill people. The main company is called Coseva. They have a multi level marketing structure. They promise earning opportunity. It is a pyramid scheme.

Coseva promises income along with the freedom to work on the distributors own time. They promise a happier and healthier life. There is a membership fee. There are three types of memberships: retail customer, preferred retail customer and distributor.

Much like the essential oil company representatives, the reps from conseva seem to be brain washed as well. They believe that they are doing the right thing but refuse to listen to science.



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