Anti Semitism in 2020


During most problems in society, the Jewish people are usually to blame by white supremacy. This is especially true now. There is no doubt that now is a racially tense time. This is the time for different minorities to band together. The Jewish community has been standing for the Black community as soon as the murder of George Floyd happened. The white supremacy community has made way for a rise in anti semitism.

The Rise of Antisemitism in 2020

They did not waste any time. The first sign of the rise of anti-Semitism was the release of this poster. This poster expresses that the idea that the Jewish people are the cause of white privilege. No doubt this poster was created to cause a rift between the Blacks and the Jews. Both groups have been oppressed for so long that they would not fall for it. 
[img description: A poster of a pyramid of people showing stick figures with Magen David (stars of David) on them and plain stick figures underneath.
Text reads: Ending White Privilege . . . Starts with ending Jewish Privilege
Jewish Americans make up 2% of the population
44% of these Jewish Americans are in the top 1%
If there were 1000 people in the United states . . .
10 of them would be in the top 1%
20 of them would be Jewish
9 of them would be Jewish and in the top 1%
Is the 1% Straight white men?
Or is the 1% Jewish
Goyim not to scale]


Comparing 2020 to the Holocaust

Soon after this poster made the news, the white supremacists likened the quarantine to hiding from the Nazis. Jews were not the only murdered people during the Holocaust but the propaganda is directed at Jewish people. 
 One example: A law maker in Alaska by the name of Ben Carpenter was comparing the health screening stickers to the yellow stars that were required of the Jews to wear on their clothing. He said “If the sticker falls off, will I get a new one or get a public shaming too? Are these stickers available as yellow stars of David?
After a Jewish law maker, Grier Hopkins emailed him and told him, “Ben, this is disgusting.” Carpenter  responded.”Can you or I- can we even say it is totally out of the realm of possibility that COVID-19 patients will be rounded up and taken somewhere?”
In a later interview with a local news paper, Carpenter stated,”People want to say Hitler was a white supremacist. No, he was fearful of the Jewish Nation, that drove him into some unfathomable atrocities.” So basically he said that the Jewish people did to to themselves.

 The stickers were meant to tell the healthcare staff who has been tested. It acts like a hospital bracelet. 
The purpose of the star patches was to identify the Jewish people in Nazi Germany to make it easier to round them up like cattle and stuffed into box cars. These box cars were stuffed with people. Only about half of the people who were stuffed in these box cars survived the trip to the concentration camps.  There was no food provided, no sheltering from the extreme cold. 
 Even teachers were assigning essays to students asking them to compare being in quarantine to Anne Frank having to hide with her family to save their lives. People are quarantined to comfort of their homes to prevent them from contracting a virus. They do not have the Green Police inspecting every home, knocking on doors and rounding up Americans like cattle.


[IMG description: Your Assignment- A Diary. Anne was discriminated against by the Nazi’s because of her religion. SHe had to hide in a small, secret room for two years during World War II. Currently, we are required to stay home and keep away from other people during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
For this assignment, you will write a diary entry about your experiences as a yougn person during these difficult times. How is your experience like Anne’s? How is it different?
*Must be a minimum of one page double spaced. Include the date and your name. Describe your thoughts and feelings about social isolation and COVID-19]
Of course in this day and age, memes and jokes circulating social media soon followed. The jokes on the internet included: 

“Quarantine is just the Anne Frank challenge.”

“Anne Frank did this for two years with no TV or video games. Impressive.”

“At least Anne Frank had a boyfriend.”

Next came the mask mandate.  The Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act allows for the government to make such mandates. Some state, not all States are requiring some form of facial covering when going out in the public. It does not prevent someone from getting the virus. It prevents people from spreading the virus. Anyone can have the virus and be asymptomatic. The white supremacists are likening the masks to the yellow stars that the Jews had to wear on their clothing to identify them. 
[img description: black cloth mask with a yellow star of David in the center. It has Hebrew writing on the star. In English underneath it says “I am forced to wear this”] This mask is a prime example of this. This is a mask that was pulled off a major site that sells custom clothing where an artist can upload an image and it can be put on any piece of clothing. The Hebrew on this mask translates to “slave.” 

Trump’s Official Campaign Shirt: 

[Img description: on the right there is Trump’s capaign shirt. It has a flying eagle holding a cirlce with an Amercican flag in its talons. On the right is an eagle holding a Swastika in a circle in its talons. That is the Nazi seal.]


What do Americans Really Know about the Holocaust?

It has only been 75 years since the Russian and American military liberated the concentration camps. Survivors of this horrific period find the strength to travel and tell their stories, so no one forgets. They do not charge to speak. They just want people to listen. 
According to a poll published by Pew Research:
55% of Americans are unaware that 6 million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nationalist Socialist Party. 
57% of Americans were unaware that Hitler took power through a democratic process. 
Most Americans are unfamiliar with one of the most important lesson in modern history. Anti semitism can easily be mainstreamed and weaponized. Hitler was able to sway a whole nation that the Jewish people were at fault for all the nation’s problems. This is how he was able to enact the Final Solution

We must continue to educate people so this atrocity never happens again. 


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