Quackery Exposed: MaryRuth Organics


How I Came in Contact with the Quack

I was emailed by a promotion company to promote MaryRuth Organics on Instagram. They really should have known better. They should know by my posts I am against all this:

Hi Amanda,

We love your IG profile fierceautistic and would like to invite you to collaborate on our MaryRuth’s Organics campaign (must live in the US).

My name is Natalie and I’m one of the campaign managers for Stack Influence, an invite-only community for influencers. We would love for you to be a part of our community.

MaryRuth’s Organics is a #1 Amazon Best Seller wellness brand dedicated to immune support and gut health products – made with high quality, non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens possible.
Here are a few people who have participated in our MaryRuth’s Organics campaign: IG post 1IG post 2


As a participant in our campaign, you will have the option to select and try any of these products here (see campaign-A2 guidelines also).

If this interests you, please let me know if you would like to join this campaign.



Hey Amanda,
I hope you got a chance to see my previous email.
Please let me know if you would like to join and I’ll send over all the info you’ll need.
If this campaign doesn’t quite fit your profile, would you be interested in hearing about any of our other campaigns in the future?
Natalie Porter |  Community Manager
111 NE 1st St, 8th Floor #364, Miami, FL 33132

I have heard of them before. They partner with Finding Coopers Voice:


Here is an interview by Finding Coopers voice. Its an hour long. Brace yourselves.

In this interview Kate, Cooper’s mother, blamed her stress on him.

Who is MaryRuth Organics?

Who is MaryRuth?

MaryRuth Ghiyam is a self proclaimed Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant and culinary chef. There is no information anywhere on where she was educated. She is married with two children in Beverly Hills, CA.
She did experience tragedy when her brother and father died from two benign brain tumors. Her mother had the same diagnosis. She says she was inspired to learn how people could use nutrition to live longer, healthier lives. When she was working  as a one on one nutritional consultant she said there was a “gap in the supplement industry.” She formulated a multivitamin with vegan and non GMO ingredients. She says its safe for the entire family. She wanted to create a whole line of liquid supplements and probiotics, capsules, gummy vitamins and face and body products. She did just that.
She has a physically disabled child and uses the motto “pain now or pain later.” Very dehumanizing. She also admits to subjecting her son to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. First months of her son’s life was “6  months of hell.”

Where would she say to start with an autistic child

She says getting no blood work, annual blood work or blood work more often is just fine. In other words giving a child a supplement blindly is ok. They are both saying that naturopaths are better than traditional pediatricians. “I’m very pro functional medicine doctors and pro naturopaths.”
These 3 products are for “autistic children which are an amazing match” but also says anyone can take it. Its either for autism or its not. Quacks can’t make up their minds. (all explained below):
  • liquid morning multivitamin
  • Nighttime multimineral
  • Liquid probiotic

About her company

MaryRuth Organics was founded in 2013 with MaryRuth and her mother Colleen. It stared in New York City. They say they believe that people should get nutrients from the food they eat, the water they drink and the sun. They know there are obstacles that can prevent this from happening. They want to empower people. They claim their products can be a “support system.”
MaryRuth’s mission is:
“We’re passionate about making powerful supplements to support health, products we believe in, products to bolster you as you grow your dreams into realities. But we also believe that health should be accessible to everyone. Which is why:
  • Above all else, we promote practical steps toward health before promoting product
  • We believe that making the best supplements for your health means creating products with non GMO, plant based, vegan ingredients, with fewest number of allergens as possible. We do our best to find only the highest quality ingredients and to formulate great tasting products to aid your body on your way to wellness!
  • We listen to our customers requests & feedback to create the best products we can! We listen because we are dedicated to enabling others to take care of their health, so they can work on their dreams.
  • We offer our Happiness Guarantee because we believe that no one should have to pay for a product they are not satisfied with; its a no hassle, money back promise, from us to you!
  • Finally, we offer discounts on product subscriptions and financial assistance to our customers who may need it. Everyone should have access to wellbeing! “

Why her company misses the mark:

  • She sells supplements and encourages people of all ages to take them.
  • There could be a underlying medical condition that could be causing a deficiency
  • Only a blood test can tell you if you have a deficiency
  • Overdosing on vitamins, probiotics and minerals can cause medical problems
  • A trusted medical professional should be trusted over a stranger on the internet
  • The founder of the company says she is certified but there is no mention on where she was educated
  • They say want people to be healthy but they make $4 million a year in revenue. They only have 23 employees.
  • She partners with a known martyr autism mom who is looking for a cure. She admits to using biomedical treatment. Biomedical treatment = quackery
  • She does not allow her clients to make informed decisions. No side effects are listed on her website
  • There are no clinical studies done with her supplements to show effectiveness
  • She uses proprietary blends. There is no way to know how much of a single ingredient is being ingested
  • Many of the products, not all, contain similar formulas and they claim to do different things
  • candida is not a real condition. There is a supplement that claims to help
  • Her supplements are very expensive for the average person

If you think you have a deficiency or any other issue described by these supplements,  it can be a sign of a more serious medical problem, please see your doctor for evaluation!

Products and Ingredients

Each product has the ingredient and a link to the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, RX list or Live Strong listing the side effects, precautions, interactions, and overdose information

Niacin          Vitamin B6
Folate           Vitamin B12
Biotin           Pantothenic Acid
Choline        Calcium
Iodine          Magnesium
                                                        Trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, selenium, iodine) are                                                                                  already listed here. It makes it seem like there is something                                                                            extra when there is not.
39.95 (liquid morning
multivitamin)                                   Ginger Root Extract
Prenatal and Postnatal: $39.95

Vitamin A    Vitamin C

Niacin          Vitamin B6
Folate           Vitamin B12
Biotin           Pantothenic Acid
Choline        Calcium
Iodine          Magnesium
Trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, selenium, iodine) are                already listed here. It makes it seem like there is something                                                                            extra when there is not.
                                                                  Ginger Root Extract
                20.95 (ionic Zinc)
Sodium and Potassium (electrolytes)
Inositol (fertility supplement)
                    25.95 (kids mutivitamin gummies)
                26.95 (immunity gummies)
Calcium         Magnesium
Selenium        copper
Trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, selenium,) are already listed here. It makes it seem like there is something extra when there is not.
               39.95 (liquid mutimineral)
              23.95 (Elderberry drops)
Sodium and potassium (electrolytes)
                21.95 (apple cider vinegar gummies)
                  23.95 (D3+ B12 gummies)
Calcium       Magnesium
Trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, selenium,) are already listed here. It makes it seem like there is something extra when there is not.
          29.95 (Mutlimineral)
              23.95-35.95 (methyl B12)
                  29.95 (vitamin D3+K2)
Synbalance Probeauty shield:
lactobacillus (lists it by different names but its the same substance)
             29.95(Probiotic Beauty + 63 billion)
lactobacillus (lists it by different names but its the same substance)
                 34.95 (Probiotic tumeric +62 billion)
lactobacillus (lists it by different names but its the same substance)
               28.95 (probiotic weight +management 50 billion)
Proprietary blend: cannot determine how much of each ingredient is in the product. You really do not know what you are taking.
includes: enzymes
                  21.95 (Gluten relief)
              24.95 (systemic enzymes)
22.95 Digestive food
Protease blend.  amylase blend
diastase.            glucomylase
invertase.          pectinase
cellulase.          pectinase
hemicellulase.  xylanase
lipase                lactase
alpha galactosidase
Magnesium       Manganese
 alma                  phytase
protease blend.            amylase blend
glucoamylase              diastase
invertase                     pectinase
cellulase                     hemicellulase
hemicellulase             xylanase
lipase                         lactase
alpha-galactosidase   Beta-glucanase
Vitamin B1               Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12             Calcium
             24.95                        Magnesium               Manganese
                                              alma                          phytase
(Ultra digestive food
lipase                          Protase blend
amylase                      amylase blend
Vitamin B1               Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12             Calcium
Magnesium               Manganese
alma                          phytase
(Lipase protease enzymes)
Sodium (electrolyte)
          23.95 (CoQ10 gummies)
Sodium and Potassium (electrolyte)
       19.95 (vitamin D3 gummies)
sodium (electrolyte)
       25.95 (K2 +D3 calcium gummies)
Folate (listed as Vitamin B9)
      23.95 (biotin gummies)
lutein (Zeaxanthin is listed seperately but is the same substance)
      23.95 (eye care gummies)
Sodium and potassium (electrolytes)
      25.95 (vegan collegen boosting gummies)
Lactobacilus acidophilus
L. pantarum
L. salivarius
L. lactis
Bifidobacterium bifidum
stretococcus termophilus
     39.95(skin care probiotic spray)
     19.95 (pure iodine)
      24.95 (Vegan keto liquid drops)
Niacin (listed as vitamin b3)
Biotin(listed as vitamin B7)
Folate (listed as Vitamin B9)
     25.95 (B complex drops)
     23.95 (vitamin k2 MK7 drops)
Vitamin D3
        19.95 (vitamin D3 drops)
       19.95 (infants vitamin C drops)

4 thoughts on “Quackery Exposed: MaryRuth Organics

  1. Her husband David Ghiyam is affiliated with the Kabbalah Center in LA, quite well known for courting people with money and fame to join the center. It’s akin to a cult. He’s a self-professed self-made millionaire at the age of 16 or something like that, yet there’s no proof anywhere of him doing anything to amass this so-called fortune. Shady all around.


  2. Wow. I'm not entirely convinced “Mary” is even a real person, or if she is, that is her real name. I did a search for that full name and a couple of variations on one of the best “people search” websites on the internet, and they show not one single person with that name in the entire United States. Furthermore, her alleged business address on her website is a UPS store. There is also an alternate listing on google referring to it as, “MaryRuth's CBD.” One thing to note is that there are a handful of companies that private label these types of products for anyone. Meaning, there could be a 500 different names and labels for the same product out there, all with different prices but the exact same ingredients made by the same maker. The markup is astronomical for some of these types of products. Wholesale prices might be a few dollars max (in some cases a dollar or two) and they charge insane money for them!


  3. Thank you for this!! I’m currently unmedicated for my ADHD and was looking at their Adrenal & Focus product. It seemed super fishy but I was having a hard time finding anything backing up my fears—that it’s a scam/”quackery”—until this post.


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