Quack Exposed: Andreas Kalcker

Who is Andreas Kalcker?

Andreas Kalcker is a “German biophysicist who lived in Switzerland who has been researching for more than 13 years with chlorine dioxide for therapeutic use.” In German speaking countries, Kalcker is one of the most well known promoters of MMS. He promotes it as a health cure. He follows Jim Humble, an American that founded the Genesis II church. He pushes the MMS protocol in Latin countries in South America. He is cited in numerous groups in videos.

What about his education?

Kalcker received his “Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative and Natural Biophysics” from a company called Open University of Advanced Sciences, inc. It is based in Barcelona. It has a branch in Florida. The company has no campus, offers degrees for sale. A doctorate costs 1,500 euros.
The location of this “University”

Kalcker’s Degree Vs A real degree

Kalcker’s Mail order degree
And compare it to a real degree from an institution of higher learning:
My bachelors degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology
The Open University of Advanced Sciences, inc is not accredited and is considered a degree mill.
On the landing page of the Open University of Advance Science, inc there is this disclaimer:
The Open University of Advanced Sciences clarifies that it does not maintain any type of link with the Genesis II Church, nor does it advocate for the medical or therapeutic use of MMS. On the other hand, the relationship with the so-called Chair of Naturism, in Madrid, is part of the old structure of our entity and the honorary titles that our previous Director, Pedro Carrasco (RIP) granted them, currently have only a symbolic value, not being part of the management staff. The purpose of this information is to provide you with the possibility of accessing higher education through the “Distance Learning” system , developed by the Open University of Advanced Sciences Inc. (External Degree of Campus). The Open University of Advanced Sciences Inc. was established mainly for the development, dissemination and teaching of study programs of all those subjects that have in common advanced aspects of science in any of the areas of knowledge. In this sense, it maintains relationships with leading universities, foundations, research centers and educational institutions around the world. The non-traditional teaching system that we propose is designed to provide, on an ongoing basis, updated training that enhances professional qualification, through personalized distance learning that establishes programs that are appropriate to the needs of each student and in which they are taken into account. All the knowledge you have is counted and valued, as well as the professional experience you have accumulated in your work practice. In the event that such training has already been provided by your center, it is possible to operate through direct validation in accordance with the applied study programs. This educational innovation is developed and implemented if necessary in a way that ensures the quality and integrity of the accreditations, while providing students with the possibility of enriching their curricular characteristics and therefore greater competitiveness in the workplace. We remain at your disposal for any clarification in this regard that you need, and in the meantime we greet you very kindly.”

How to Spot a Degree Mill:

A degree mill is a fake university that sells college degrees and transcripts instead of the college experience. They are scam colleges that make fake diplomas to anyone who pays the requested “tuition.” They often promise fast college degrees based on “life experience.”
  1. The institution is not accredited
    1. Degree mills love to use official sounding terms to impress potential students. The terms they use sound good but mean very little. The terms to look out for are “authenticated, verifiable, licensed, internationally approved, notarized, recognized by the Pope and accredited by UNESCO
  2. The institution is accredited but not by an agency recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation or the US department of education
  3. Admission criteria is solely based on the possession of a credit card.
    1. When academic recored, grade point average and test scores are irrelevant, it is not a real institution of higher learning.
  4. The potential student is offered a degree based on a “review” of work experience and a faxed resume.
    1. Most degree mills offer what is called experience degrees. This is credit for career experience is valid option at many universities for adult students. The process of evaluating work experience for college credit is complicated. No valid distance learning college int eh US will award a graduate degree solely based on work experience.
  5. The applicant is promised a degree in exchange of a lump sum. For an undergraduate degree it is 300-2,000. For a graduate degree it is up to 3.000. Colleges normally charge per credit hour.
  6. The applicant is promised a degree within 30 days of application, regardless of status.
  7. The university has multiple complaints on file.
  8. Your online “admission counselor” assures the student that international online universities can’t be accredited in the United States by CHEA recognized agencies. This is false.
  9. The school’s website either lists no faculty or lists faculty who have attended schools accredited by fake agencies.
  10. The university offers online degrees for only US citizens but is located in a different country.

Pseudoscience Activities

He previously worked at a research institute in Switzerland until it closed down in February 2020, according to Psiram, an internet encyclopedia that documents pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. The institution’s website had been deleted. Its business registration had its mission: “Research and development of biophysical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic products and new technologies.”

Kalcker was involved with a Swiss non profit association called Swiss Association for Natural Scientific Biophysics that states on its website that it “seeks to appeal to people who are interested in the topic of biophysical medicine and who would like to take the responsibility for their health into their own hands.” A large portion of blog posts on the website are written by Kalcker and promote his work. The membership section of Kalcker’s website links to the association’s signup page.

Kalcker has written two books. “Forbidden Health – Incurable was Yesterday” and “CDS/MMS Healing is Possible.”He has three patents. One is for an invention of “solution of chlorine dioxide adapted as a solution for rectal intestinal lavage” as an internal rinse.

No Longer on Research Gate

As of March of 2019, Andreas Kalcker’s Research Gate Account has been deleted. The wayback machine link to his bogus studies is here.
screen shot of Kalcker’s Research Gate section of his website. It was deleted.

Pseudoscience Claims

This section shows exactly what Kalcker promotes as fact, but it is not. Keep that in mind when reading this section.  His claims are not credible and unsubstantiated. He claims MMS is a cure for numerous diseases by ingesting the dangerous bleach substance. He misrepresents findings of published studies.


Kalcker does not like to call chlorine dioxide MMS because he says that he uses 4% hydrochloric acid instead of 50% citric acid that the Genesis II church uses.

Claims about MMS:

1. It is extremely water soluble without creating further chemical bonds. It is a gas which dissolves completely in water. The molecule structure is similar to the water molecule. This is true.

2. Chlorine dioxide is one of the most well known disinfectants known to man because it is able to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses and small sized parasites across a wide pH range. It has been used for over 80 years to disinfect drinking water, and has not caused any problems all these years. It is widely used in industry, including food processing industry, for disinfecting purposes. It is used to bleac paper and silk as it does not attack the material, but in extremely high concentration levels, a concentration that had nothing to do with the typical ingested dose of taking a few milligrams orally.

3. CDS is only pure water-guided gas, which pH neutral and has many advantages. Its main advantage is the even in high doses it usually does not have side effects of MMS and is explained in detail in his book.

The molecule is similar to water but not the same. Hydrogen peroxide is similar to water too. Water is h20 and hydrogen peroxide is h202. No one is buying hydrogen peroxide to drink instead of water. This follows the same logic that Kalcker is trying to pull over on people.

Claim about using MMS as treatments:

Please note, our results are only assessments of experimental research. They do not constitute any form of advice or prescription. It is not a recommendation to anyone …. for any specific condition or disease.

Right now ClO² is evaluated many treatments for different types of disease because sickness is commonly based on the lack of energy . The simple fact that chlorine dioxide provides molecular Bio available oxygen  in the interstitial fluid and blood, induces better combustion of nutrients enhancing overall energy, which have been demonstrated in venous blood gases scientifically.

If you are interested in knowing the results of experimental treatments please access the members section.”


Kalcker quotes Wikipedia:
“Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive  behavior . . . While autism is highly heritable, researchers suspect both environmental and genetic factors as causes. Controversies surround other proposed environmental cause. For example, the vaccine hypotheses, which has been disproven .  . . there is no cure. “
As most of this information is true, Wikipedia is not a quality source. Each article can be edited by anyone. Because of this simple fact, no one should be using Wikipedia as a source for any research. 

1. It does not have its origin in the brain but in the enteric system usually induced by VACCINES (click here to see Video in English)
2. I could not be of genetic cause, genetics does not change in 40 years from 1:10,000 to 1:50!
3. The theory of oxidative stress is false and therefore everything based on it. (Mitohormesis) (Oxidative shielding)
4. Normal “intestinal mucosa” does not produce eggs, ammonia or amphetamines, more research is needed.
5. Vaccine Immunosuppression facilitates proliferation of toxin-producing parasites and disbiosis.
6. more than 235 children cured ,including severe autism with my anthelmintic protocol and CD
Autism is not permanent at all.”

This list of “truths” only supports the belief that autism is caused by parasites. 
Kalcker developed a protocol with Miriam Carrasco Maceda for “deworming.” He says it deworms, reduces inflammation and detoxifies with the same protocols as Kerri Rivera. Kerri Rivera had her clinic in Mexico. Each case was evaluated with the ATEC score, which was developed by Autism Research Institute


This page on his website he has the quote “Is Wikipedia becoming CNN?”

He also has a Youtube Video that has been removed due to quackery.
Kalcker also has a video with Andrew Wakefield on this page. This should say all it needs to say.

“Vaccinated die less . . . . so its better to be vaccinated?”

There is not one coherent thought on this page at all.

Autism Recovery Evidence.

There is not any evidence on this page. There are many photos with Kalcker holding up a poster with photos of kids. No clear evidence at all.

“Here is some evidence of recovery with incredible results thanks To Kerri Rivera.
To date are more than 235 children recovered with previous and subsequent analysis of ATEC
The 2 women who are with me are the mothers of children in each poster.

I’m not saying here that all children recovering from this illness, even if autism is considered unrecoverable,  I can state that virtually all kids improve through specific treatment with Diet; classic antiparasitic drugs, plants and chlorine dioxide for enemas.

I am aware that some critics try again seek lie or my personal benefit. Has anyone noticed that critics insist only economic benefit?  For my personal benefit is personal satisfaction of having done the right thing because I did not charge anything in autism till now it costed me a lot of money. When science becomes an almost religious belief is not allowed to change or the more compelling arguments. Some irrational critics do not realize that their actions can prevent children recover and are responsible , though they do not feel that way because they believe in his learned doctrine book without experiencing anything, using all means of defamation and even lies to achieve your goal. This is not science, this is sad … so I put here some photos with the children concerned and their numbers ATEC clearly showing recovery.”

Neither Kerri Rivera or Kalcker want to take credit for the protocol. They each said the other one came up with it.

Important Universal Laws according to Kalcker

  1. The law of causes and effects (always plural)
  2. Love=Resonance, being the biggest force existing
  3. Every living being is opportunistic
  4. The only constant in the universe is change
  5. All force creates a counter force (duh, that called inertia.)
  6. Every order is disrupts itself and every disorder organize itself

Natural Biophysics

Kalcker, the man who has a fake doctoral degree, is explaining Natural biophysics:

“As much as we distinguish in allopathic medicine  medicine and natural medicine, I would also like to define it in the field of biophysics, a field little explored in reality, there is not only the common cell biophysics, but also the “natural biophysics” which is the search for the intrinsic logic of nature and mechanisms of it specifically in the field of health.

This is opening up new horizons for developing treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases, which to date have no solution except pharmaceutical palliatives that lead to long term intoxication of the patient. Natural biophysics always tries to explain through pure logic since nature always is. An inconsistency or anomaly is usually the result of previous erroneous axioms, because nature uses the same building blocks and with the same formula in all its natural process.

The basic principles should always be simple and science is increasingly difficult getting lost in details without knowing irrefutably the bases. There are many doctorates in physics but none can explain even the most basic things like why gravity  or a magnet works. There are many professors and doctorates in medicine but no one knows why a body gets sick with certain pathogens and other not,  in the official dictionary of diseases, the renowned Merck Manual®, most chronical diseases are of “unknown origin.”

 We must seriously ask ourselves what kind of mainstream medicine is this…?

In order to advance we have to do the right question. The key question therefore is: What is the lowest common denominator of all diseases?”

What is the opposite of natural biophysics? Unnatural biophysics? If it was unnatural, it would not have the prefix bio-.

He says that chlorine dioxide in all forms provides oxygen to the intestinal tissue and to all the body fluids, activating the mitocondria, which turn generate more energy. This energy allows the body to recover and heal from most diseases. Oxygen is essential and the free radical concept, as it has been promoted in the past, is erroneous. The human body is not a petri dish in the lab. Everything interacts with everything else.


The immune system is much more complicated.

Look here for a full explanation:


Structured Water

Kalcker claims:
“Regular tap water’s composition is H2O, while the fourth phase’s is in fact H3O2. The latter has more viscosity, is more organized and more alkaline than regular water. Besides, its optical properties are different since structured water’s refraction index is at least 10% higher than that of common water increasing flow of Biophotons.

This fourth phase structured water is also known as EZ, which stands for Exclusion Zone. What this water is able to exclude are small molecules, such as toxins and pathogens and this occurs in nature in rainwater or deep sourced water and in all living cells.

This water has a negative charge and therefore, all cellular water has a negative charge.”

Science says:

What Kalcker is saying is misrepresenting a valid research study. The fourth phase of water is the boiling point. This EZ water is actually ionized water. Nothing more, nothing less. A water ionizer, requires electricity.

  1. The ionizer increases the pH of the water.
  2. The ionizer does not work with deionized or distilled water!
  3. The ionizer does not produce measurable oxygen gas (a smoldering splint will not relight in the vicinity)
  4. The device contains an electrolysis cell and an ion exchange resin.

Kalcker puts up a front of being scientific but investigating in his claims, he is not scientific at all. He can dupe the average uneducated person about healthcare. He is very dangerous and needs to be stopped.

UPDATE: Charged Following a 5 year old’s death

That’s right, the authorities finally caught up to this monster. Soon after the child’s death, the non profit organization Chequado, launched a investigation into the bleach cult in Argentina. This investigation was led by investigative reporters. After Chequado’s investigation, Argentinean police followed up.

“We explained the methods of our investigation to the federal investigators: that everything we published, they can find. All the data is there. The methods including explaining to them how to be part of a closed group on Facebook and other basic things.” They basically do what Emma, myself and Melissa do. A representative from he organization was surprised that it took four months to act. We are not.

In Argentina, Kalcker has been charged with illegal practice of medical profession and selling fake medicine, following a 7 month long investigation by the Unidad Fiscal para la Investigation de Delitos centra el Media Ambiente [translation: Fiscal Unit for the Investigation of Crimes against the Environment](UFIMA). This agency leads medical crimes in Argentina, much like the FDA.

This investigation was launched in August of 2020 after a 5 year old in Neuquen, West Argentina, died of multiple organ failure consistent with chlorine dioxide poisoning. The parents of this child believe because of the disinformation that was spread by Kalcker and other quacks, that the substance had the power to ward off COVID 19, according to legal documents.

In March, there was a raid at properties in Beunos Aries and the western city of Mar del Plata where CD was being manufactured and sold. There were raids at 13 properties across Argentina on Thursday August, 28, 2021.

If found guilty, the sentence can be up to 25 years. He has only been charged because he is currently not in Argentina, he is believed to be in Switzerland.

One of his associates, Luis Enrique Garcia was arrested. He was one of the suspects during the investigation. Garcia described himself as a bishop of the Genesis II church. He said he was the “only authorized distributor” of MMS in Argentina.









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  1. Thank you so so much for this article! My mom was given one of his pdf's and I could smell the misinformation on it, but couldn't substantiate how it was wrong. This article saved my mom from a dark path down this guy's bs.


  2. Your assessment of this man is so completely wrong ! Whatever organization paid you to tear him apart is no doubt linked to big Pharma I'm sure .. the truth willAlways prevail and you will be ashamed of this article one day . This man has saved many lives and makes zero money from his website or information on it .Anyone reading this should just watch this video and judge for themselves https://www.new-earth-healing.com/blog/mms-cds-true-healing


  3. You are right. Big pharma pays me in donuts. They leave a brown paper bag full of chocolates frosted with sprinkles by my front door every Friday for Shabbat. It has to be the rainbow sprinkles otherwise I will take this site down. You caught me. You win.


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