Quackery Exposed: Brillia


Brillia is a homeopathic remedy that is being marketed to autistic and ADHD children. They say its been available for almost 10 years with great success and history supporting its efficacy and safety. What they do not mention is that they have dangerous side effects proven in an independent study. Because it is considered a homeopathic remedy, it is not evaluated by the FDA for safety and efficacy. The FDA is not aware of ANY scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective. 

“Brillia is a unique combination of antibody science and homeopathic formulation. The active ingredient of Brillia is antibodies to the brain-specific S100 protein (S100B). This protein is an important regulator of many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, e.g. various enzymes activities, calcium homeostasis, communication between neurons, etc. Since almost all mental and neurological diseases as well as temporal stress-induced conditions are accompanied by disturbance of the above-mentioned processes, especially communication between neurons, the normalization of these processes is considered to be a prospective way to treat people with such undesirable conditions. Brillia is an antibody conjugated to the S100B protein and does not alter the concentration of the S100B protein in the bloodstream. Brillia’s efficacy stems from its ability to regulate the activity of the S100B protein and does not alter its concentration. In order for a protein to have an effect in the body, it needs to bind to its target, such as an enzyme. Proteins have very specific conformations that ensure that only the correct protein binds to the correct target molecule. Once the protein correctly orients itself into the active site of the target molecule, this is when the protein causes an effect in the body. When Brillia binds to the S100B protein, the overall shape of the protein is altered, hindering its ability to bind to its target molecule and thereby controlling its activity in the body. In short, Brillia stops the S100B protein from acting in the body by changing its shape, consequently regulating levels of anxiety and hyperactivity.”

Purpose of S100B Protein

It acts as a stimulator of cell proliferation (increase in numbers) and migration and an inhibitor of apoptosis (cell death) and differentiation. It has an important role in brain, cartilage and skeletal muscle development and regeneration and repair. 

Brillia Claims

It claims to 

  • improve concentration
  • enhance clarity
  • reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Reduce excitability, irritability and hyperactivity, focus and regulation
The active ingredient of Brillia is Lapine S-100 immune globulin. It is produced using antibodies to brain specific S-100 protein (S-100B). Antibodies fight pathogens. Pathogens do not cause autism or ADHD. 
The company does warn the consumer to avoid if they are lactose intolerant in small print but the National Institute of Health gives that warning while the company is negligent. 

They Cannot Argue with Real Science

There was a study conducted by Timothy Allen, Rashash Dhoaklokia, Sylvia Johnson-Park, Giridar MNV and Naveed Basha Court. They were trying to prove the effectiveness of Brillia for generalized anxiety disorders. This study included 198 subjects where 98 were administered Brillia. The other 100 were administered a placebo. This was a mutlicenter, double blind, placebo controlled randomized study during a course of 12 weeks. 
After this study was conducted, it was found that the clinical changes and laboratory parameters were not significant. There was not a significant different in the findings between Brillia and the placebo. 
Side Effects:
  • Cephaligia- cluster headaches
  • Sore throat
  • acute nasopharyngitis- swelling of the nasal passages and the back of the throat
  • acute caterrhal otitis media- inflammation of the inner ear
  • AURI- acute upper respiratory infection
  • Increase in frequency of spasms
  • increase in frequency of vocalism
  • increase in frequency of twisting of fingers
  • Allergic rhinitis- chronic sneezing or coughing with drippy nose with no obvious cause
  • ambrosial hay fever
  • acute bronchitis
  • aggravation of chronic tonsilitis and maxillitis
  • Acute gastroenteritis
  • Punctate rash of specified nature and genesis, puritus- very itchy and irritated skin
In another article by Laila Al-Ayadhi and Gehan Ahmed Mostafa in the Journal of Neuroinflammation, they studied the serum S100B protein and anti-ribosomal P antibodies in 64 autistic children compared to 46 neurotypical children. Autistic children have higher serum S100B protein levels than neurotypical children. These antibodies are not a contributing factor in the elevation of the S100B protein levels. This debunks what Brillia claims to do. 

10 thoughts on “Quackery Exposed: Brillia

  1. We gave our autistic daughter Brillia for a full year. It wasn't cheap. In the end we gave up on it because it had no effect. After that painful disappointment we put our daughter in an art class with a teacher that understood autistic children. Our daughter speaks more and is happier.


    • Thanks for the review. I was considering Brillia for my adult son with autism. After reading this I will stick with our current approach to calming,/antianxiety with magnesium supplements, sage tea and CBD/CBG 💖


    • thank you for writing this…. as a child did u feel misunderstood or not understood and if so what helped u? my son is high functioning and frankly brilliant… but I can’t get through to him about the social issues and he suffers loss of peers. can u suggest ANYTHING that helped u? thanks! U can email me if you want pbarb1108@yahoo.com


  2. Thank you, I have extreme anxiety and ADD. I was considering buying this product. I am on disability and the cost would have really hurt. The side effects are not worth it. Again thank you.


  3. re: this post and the research done …THANK U!! I did waste my $ on this product, yet I could never bring myself to give it to my son. I’m validated and tossing it! thanks again!


    • The cost of Brillia sends up a red flag 🚩 I guess people will believe in it because it’s so expensive! There are so many companies like Brillia looking to capitalize on autism with sophisticated marketing.


  4. Thank you for this infomation. I just finished reading “The Noah Diary” by Jordan Douglas. The real personal diary of an autistic college girl who had searched for an escape from or acceptance of, her autism. This treatment was mentioned in it…she was clinging to its promises…and she discovered falling in true love changed her world.


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