Quack Exposed: Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical/ Pharmaceuticals


Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical Incorporation was founded in 2016 by Huu Tieu who is 58 years old. They claim their products were in development for 30 years. They produce “alternative herbal(botanical)” products by creating “gene rejuvenation. “

The Conditions Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals Claim to Treat

  • Alzheimers disease
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Autism 
  • autoimmune disorders (which ones? All of them?)
  • cancer
  • chronic constipation
  • debilitating chronic pain (not really a diagnosis)
  • depressive disorder
  • diabetes (which types or all types, even though they are completely different)
  • epilepsy
  • fibromyalgia
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Hemostatsis (this is the balance inside the body)
  • Hypertension
  • Lyme disease
  • menopause
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • neuropathy
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis
  • peripheral
  • prostate (prostate what?)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Schizophrenia
  • Thalassemia
  • Viral Illnesses (instead of antivirals?)
  • Weight-loss

The Lies They Tell

Cancer is primarily a metabolic disease (this is with corrected grammar)

“Malfunctioning cells must be the focus of attention. there is only one (1) disease in this model: a malfunctioning cell. Cells malfunction for two (2) reasons: toxins and malnutrition. By not addressing nutrition and toxicity of cells in the body, individuals will experience damage on the cellular level that result in all of the chronic diseases, degenerative disorders, etc., which we are beleaguered with today.”


There are a lot of words on their site trying to say what inflammation is without actually describing what inflammation is. 
“Here are many ways to make our bodies deficient and filled with toxins. Toxins are ubiquitous in our environment: pollution of water supplies with addition of bactericides in city water, air pollution from automotive and industrial entities, cosmetics, creams, conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes, make up, pharmaceutical prescription drugs, pesticides in food products, etc. 
“Poor nutrition occurs from starvation or processed foods that lack basic nutrients and contain toxins. Stress and inactivity complicate the picture as well. All the factors that contribute to the problems of a weakened body are staggering. For example, an over-taxed immune system results in body-wide “inflammation”, which perhaps is the best way to described decreased circulation, accumulation of metabolic waste such as radicals, aid-base imbalance, localized oxygen deprivation, impaired energy production by the cells, and the list goes on. 
“These all lead to unhealthy tissues, i.e. leaky gut problems, malabsorption, autoimmune reactions, cancer, etc.”
This quack attempts to sound educated. This site is chock full of grammatical errors and ends up using the same rhetoric the rest of the quacks use. 

Product Analysis

Coronavirus Plan

  • ImunStem- claims to be qualified to modify the course of the coronavirus “help relieve patients with acute cases of the coronavirus”
    • 260mg of olive leaf extract
    • 52 mg of yarrow extract
    • 63 mg of rosemary extract 
  • Aktiffvate
    • 175 mg of tumeric extract
    • 40 mg of cayenne extract
    • 20 mg of eucalyptus
  • AnterFerrons 1
    • 40 mg of billberry leaf
    • 120 mg of graviola
    • 80 mg of goldenseal
  • AnterFerron 2
    • 45 mg mistletoe
    • 20 mg of astragalus
    • 95 mg of reishi

Metabolic Treatment Plan

  • CrProtein
    • 35 mg of cat’s claw
    • 20 mg of selfheal
    • 20 mg of rosemary
  • DetoxHerb 1
    • 100 mg of poke weed
    • 65 mg of graviola
    • 17 mg of tumeric
  • DetoxHerb 2
    • 110 mg of olive leaf
    • 70 mg of papaya leaf
    • 120 mg of vinca
  • DetoxHerb NR
    • 60 mg of gotu kola
    • 35 mg of foti
    • 45 mg of vinca
  • DetoxHerb PI
    • 40 mg of billberry
    • 120 mg of graviola
    • 50 mg of goldenseal
  • HyProtein 1
    • 95 mg of astralagus
    • 40 mg of oregano
    • 70 mg of cat’s claw
  • HyProtein 2
    • 40 mg of green tea
    • 75 mg of reishi
    • 55 mg of blood root
  • Hyprotein 3
    • 60 mg of garlic
    • 30 mg of tumeric
    • 45 mg of ashwagandha
  • Hyprotein 4
    • 25 mg of garlic
    • 30 mg of reishei
    • 50 mg of St. John’s Wort
  • LyProtein
    • 25 mg of horse chestnut
    • 40 mg of garlic
    • 50 mg of tumeric

Cancer treatment Plan- 14 products, 10 are the same as the Metabolic Plan. The remaining four products are KemoHerb

  • KemoHerb 1 and DetoxHerb 1 have the same ingredients but slightly different amounts per serving
  • KemoHerb 2 and DetoxHerb 2 contains the same ingredients but different amounts
  • HemoHerb NR and DetoxHerb NR contain the same ingredients but different amounts
  • KemoHerb PI and DetoxHerb PI contain the same ingredients but different amounts    

Trouble with the Law


In July of 2020, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint in federal court against Golden Sunrise Nutrceutical and Golden Sunrise Pharmaceuticals  for promoting “bogus treatments for serious medical conditions.” The defendants are two corporations based in Porterville, California. Huu Tieu and Stephen Weis are the two executives of both Golden Sunrise Pharmaceuticals and Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals. 
The complaint says that the defendants have promoted and sold a variety of products through “plans of care” ranging in price fro $23,000 to $200,000. The two companies falsely claim to treat or cure COVID 19, cancer, and other conditions listed above. 
The quacks advertised with billboards, websites and social media. Golden sunrise claims that their products “uniquely qualified to treat and modify the course of the Coronavirus epidemic in China and other countries” and that the consumers can expect the “disappearance of viral symptoms within 2 to 4 days. 
In April 2020, FTC sent Golden Sunrise a warning letter. This letter demanded they removed all advertising claims that products are meant to prevent, treat or cure COVID19. They ignored this letter. 
Golden Sunrise ignored the letter. “We warned the defendants not to falsely market their products as an effective treatment for COVID 19, but they didn’t stop,” said Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith. “As this case makes clear, the FTC is prepared to sue companies that continue to make deceptive health claims about COVID 19 or other serious diseases.”
Golden Sunrise have also promoted and sold a variety of supplements as treatments for the conditions listed above. Some “treatment plans” cost as much as $170,000 to $200,000. These supplements are made of various herbs and spices with no medicinal value for what the quacks intended. 
Golden Sunrise also falsely claims that their products and treatment plans have been reviewed and accepted by the FDA when in actuality they don’t review supplements. 
FTC have filed for an injuction. It can be found here:


There was an FBI search warrant executed on June 11, 2020. They surrounded Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical. There were several unmarked cars surrounding the facility. There were agents in uniform, passing drivers and neighbors. There were people watching the warrant execution. 
Agents were loading boxes from the facility into a medium sized trailer. When the trailer was full, they left. When moving closer to the scene of the warrant, it was obvious that the items inside the facility were being investigated. 

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