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Nov 10, 2018 8. Personal opinion / if allowed: Warning; this may too much of a topic for

some, but really wanted to find out how other women feel about this. For those whom are

married, dating, been married, etc. Are you ok w your spouse / loved one watching porn? Even

if they say no feeling are involved. Does it bother you? My boyfriend wants to argue w me &…



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Admin note: if someone could present the radfem take on porn without making

accuations and attacking people who don’t agree with it, I’m happy to leave it here.

I think it needs to be heard. But attacking women is not allowed here. (especially

attacking women in the name of feminism. That makes my head hurt.)

And the next person who utters the term “SWERF” is getting removed from the

group without further notice. It is in the group rules. You read those right? You all

said you did when you signed up.

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Commenting here since this post seems permanent. Is

there anything that can be done about the huge threads

/ posts that keep appearing and being deleted

suddenly? I’m so confused and can’t keep up. Would

really appreciate it if threads with fighting could be

locked to address the issues instead of deleting.


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Dana Holmes

If you have issue with the admining, you are to PM

us, you are not to bring your upset to the group in


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Dana Holmes

The word “TERF” is not allowed here. Use it again

and you will be removed without further notice.

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Leah Pederson

If numerous people report posts, we delete them

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                           Leah Pederson Autistic Women

Dec 24, 2017 · 8 · A gathering place for women who are Autistic/Aspergers. HERE BE THE

GROUP RULES: ******* Please do not end posts/comments with an x, for it is a trigger to

some. ******* **We, the admin team make an effort to keep this groups membership to

autistic folx only. Because a professional diagnosis is often hard to obtain, due to cost and t…



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Dana Holmes

The word “TERF” is not allowed here. Use it again and you will be removed without

further notice.


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Group Rules from the Admins

1. We do not support the usage of functioning labels or

Aspie Supremacy here.

No personal attacks, shaming or insulting.

3 We are anti-white supremacy.

4 There will be no religious or a-religious proselytizing.

5 The admins/mods may remove or shut down any post.

6 The words “TERF” and “SWERF” are banned from this


7 No junk science, especially around autism. NO ABA.


8 Follow general posting etiquette.


Trans people are welcome here.

                                                           10 TW when necessary, and in the proper format for

subjects that involve graphic trauma, sexual or health

issues, bigotry or violence.


As a lesbian feminist who believes gender is vastly less

important politically than sex, i feel that you are much

better represented than I or any female is, so tbh i

struggle to sympathise.

(All who read this – please re-read the rules: i believe

that both my and perspectives on this are valid

and acceptable in this group. If admin want to clarify,

that would be fine with me)




1 2

you are asserting that TERF

ideology is acceptable in this group?

Yes, admin PLEASE clarify if that is in fact the


Just now



Autistic Women >


You Can’t Post or Comment in This Group

The admin has temporarily turned off your ability to post or

comment in the group until October 5, 2020,5:41 PM.

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