The Classy Aspie Reciepts


Transcription of Video: 

Hiii I want to talk about Sia’s upcoming movie…[finger snap]…Music. And…uhh, the drama surrounding it.

Uhh, it’s come to my attention… multiple times that the people in the Autistic Community, most of which uh in the “Actually Autistic” community—I don’t believe are Autistic because most of them are self-diagnosed… [pause, looking to the side] …um, have decided to attack Sia about the fact that she uses/used Maddie Ziegler in the movie.

Well, Sia actually uses Maddie for most things. She uses her to represent herself, at least that was my take on it, in all her music videos, almost all of them. Um, in fact I—showed my husband early on in our marriage, the Chandelier video and a few other videos featuring Maddie, where I was like *I think Sia is on the spectrum because I absolutely stim in the way Maddie Ziegler does the choreography for Sia’s videos*. Sooo, my whole take on the thing for years is that Sia might be on the spectrum, or otherwise neurodivergent, and used that specific choreography and Maddie to represent her, because she hid from the public for a long time. 

Sooo, the “community” [Autistic Community] which, by the way I want nothing to do with—it stopped being about Autism a long time ago and started being about being oppressed on purpose…umm, has attacked her, and she got rude back and [head shaking]—y’all deserved it. 

The movie isn’t out yet, I haven’t seen it. But I do know for a fact that people on the end of the spectrum..that Sia and the movie in general are trying to portray and trying to use uh the actual musical numbers, the musical numbers in the movie to show a nonverbal Autistic’s [pause] view of the world?, which by the way is awesome, uhh, yeah, Maddie might not be on the spectrum but if she self-diagnosed herself y’all would have to um, accept it right?, ooh woo, right?, [sigh] People on that end of the spectrum are in movies ok, they cannot generally act, they cannot generally take on a lot of the burden of acting, including…the stuff that goes…the schedules, rigorous schedules, the [indecipherable] people that can’t talk…or read..and you are such a.. presentation that you have a hard time even understanding what Autism is? Do you really think that people like that are able to act in films and do musical numbers? If you think that..[pause, sigh]’re a privileged Autistic, ok? [rests face on hands, dramatically]

And that’s coming from someone who can talk and is on the spectrum myself. 

Also, I’ve been listening to the songs that have been released from the album for Music, the film, and I personally think Sia might’ve written an album for..people on the spectrum, and y’all collectively spat in her face without ever seeing the movie, which by the way has Leslie Odom Junior in it  and he has never done me wrong, all the way from Hamilton to his book, um “Failing Up”, to everything else he’s done, every show he does, every voice acting he does, he’s just great, ok? 

I saw the trailer for Music and I did relate to some of the behavior I saw…Maddie acting out…I did. If you don’t relate at all to some of these extreme presentations and cases…[dramatic pause/intense eye contact with camera lens/then quiet whisper with head tilted]—are you Autistic?

I saw less of a “lashing out” about The Good Doctor. That guy’s not Autistic. The guy who plays Sherlock—they say Asperger’s, “in the BBC Sherlock”, he’snot on the spectrum that we know of. Uh, Hugh Dancy plays Will Graham. They say “on the autistic spectrum” about him in the NBC show [Hannibal]. He’s not autistic…, that we know of.

Personally I think a lot of people are undiagnosed in the um industry, so to speak. 

But honestly?—y’all are disgusting, I…I’m done with the “Actually Autistic Community”. And I’m officially on board with the “I’m Diagnosed” And if you’re not diagnosed and you think you’re autistic that is fine and dandy just say so…just please if you want to be an advocate actually get the diagnosis ok? Like, it’s not that..hard [rests face on hand, stares into camera]..just travel outside your small town.

I for one am excited for the movie. We’re gonna watch it as a family: me, my daughter, my husband—he’s not a big movie person but he’s kind of interested to see what’s so “bad about it” that the community [Autistic Community] attacked Sia, a woman who I used her music videos and music to help describe my own stimming and autistic behavior. Go watch the video for Chandelier. Maddie’s choreography is literally how I stim. 

So…I guess my presentation of Autism is too stigmatizing for you guys. You guys…[slight eye roll]…Y’ALL [said loudly and drawn out, face perched on hand, zooming in towards camera lens], hehe ugh yankee speak.

Anyway, I will post a full video of a movie review once I see it. And if I don’t like it, and find it stigmatizing, you all will know.  Just ‘cause it’s Sia doesn’t mean she’s immune from criticism from me. So anyway here comes my husband, goodbye. [blows kiss towards screen, video cuts out]

Threatened me and Emma on a fake account. Honestly I thought it was Nick the Writer but no one is perfect
First me but I ignored it. It really wasn’t worth my time: 

Then a few days later, Emma. We didn’t react to Fiona’s video. We have better shit to do. To Emma Jessica admitted it was her:

You say we are bullying you when you, under a fake name, slid into my DM and called me a bitter fat bitch. I have a medical condition that causes my weight and I came to terms with it while I walk 10 miles a day as part of my job, which I created myself. 

I was going on with my life, taking care of business. I have one thing to say, at least you didn’t try to have my kids removed but you were in full support of it. They are happy and healthy in MY CARE. sorry to disappoint you. 

You cannot be Jewish and Catholic. If you converted to Judaism, where is your proof? You need 2 years of study and 3 members of clergy to partake in a Mikvah. My kids whom I adopted did it at a beach since we live near the beach and they really enjoyed it. 
If you converted to Catholicism, you are not Jewish anymore. You cannot be both catholic and Jewish. Unless you are a messianic, and that opens up a whole different can of worms. 

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