Joe James Photography Reciepts

Joe James Autistic Awareness & Photography

Yesterday at 8:28 AM

I believe in working with parents of Autistic children and helping them understand what being Autistic is like for me and how our brains work. I want to

build Bridges so we can all cross the river of hardships.

Yesterday I chatted with Kate Swenson from Finding Cooper’s voice, Kate suffers a lot of abuse from the autistic community and for me that is only

ever going to divide us all. We all want the same thing. We all want the best for Neuro divergent people. We want the world to not judge and hurt us,

but we judge and hurt each other

We MUST talk and talk and talk. We must listen and listen and listen some more. How will we ever fight the real battle, if we are constantly fighting

amongst ourselves?

So watch the interview (its in 2 parts due to technical issues) and you will see how Kate wants to learn and I want to talk watch how Kate takes

notes and see a Mum who only wants the best for her little boy. Together we can make a difference.

For some reason I can’t post the link so please go to Finding Cooper’s voice and go to the Live section to watch


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