2020 in Review


Everyone can agree 2020 was a year that no one will ever forget. Soon after it started, COVID hit. After the lack of response from the United States government, it changed our way of life in a big way. Many people lost their lives while the Doctors, nurses, grocery clerks and other essential workers were risking their lives so the rest of us could remain safe. 

New Respect for Teachers

For those with children, we all got to see what the teachers have to do to teach our children. I know I did not realize it. I have more respect for my children’s teachers. They do more than they have to and care more than anyone will know. My husband and I have 6 children at home. Most teachers have 12-20 students in their class. We had trouble keeping our 6 children on task but the teachers seem to be able to do it. They make it so easy! 

Major Changes in Routine

Most people would think that the social distancing would be easy for autistics. Not all autistics are introverts and want to avoid people. The change in the way of life has been hard for many autistics. A lot of autistics thrive on routine. Everything everyday must be the same. Life changed overnight and it is challenging for a lot of people. 
I struggled with this. I had to change how I did a lot of things. Overnight my work schedule decreased. I had to deliver groceries as a way to get money and it caused a lot of meltdowns because this is not what I was educated to do. 

Racial Tensions Cause Togetherness

After the murder of George Floyd, people of all background got angry and demanded change. People of all races, religions, ethnicities, disabilities, etc came together to put on demonstrations to demand change. Technology facilitated people from all corners of the earth to come together to demand change. 

Accommodations Can Happen After All

Social distancing meant everything went online. Telecommuting for different jobs. This showed the world that this accommodation can be made for the disabled but no one bothered to try until non disabled peers were effected. This type of ableism happens daily and it was brought to attention this way. 

Quacks Being Held Liable

As everyone knows, MMS has been a problem for the autistic community for many years. The Grenons and Kerri Rivera could not help themselves. They claimed it prevents COVID 19 and cures it. This is when the FDA decides to act. They knew about it for years after issuing different warnings but no legal action took place until non disabled people were being affected. 

In 2020, the Grenon’s home in Brendonton , Florida was raided by FDA and FBI officials after injunctions and restraining orders from Federal court were violated. 

Two of the Grenons were arrested and the other two were in Columbia, hiding. In August, Mark and his third son were arrested in Columbia. All 4 quacks are on marshal hold until Federal trial. Lucky for me, the court house is in Miami and I plan on going to every court date. Completely worth the 2 hour drive. 

Because of the Grenons blatant disregard for the law, it is now illegal to sell and manufacture MMS in the United States. 

Kerri Rivera Received a warning letter from the FDA as well. No legal action has happened yet. 

Yes 2020 was a horrible year but there are some positive things that can be taken away from this very hard year. Genesis II church is on Marshal hold awaiting trial. Accommodations for disabled people to work from home was proven to be possible. Companies just did not want to when it was just disabled people who needed it. Awareness to systematic oppression was brought to light after a horrific loss. There is a whole new appreciation for people in different roles in society. One thing is for sure. 2020 is a year no one will ever forget. 

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