Autistic Acceptance Reciepts

you’re tired of autistic
people but you are an
autistic people
8 hrs.
I created a group that looks and
feels like an uwu safe space. But
that’s not what it is. It’s actually
an uwu trap
It’s where uwu’s will come to be
left “literally shaking”
If you’d like to re-educate some
uwu’s, you’re welcome to join

Private group. 75 members
Join Group
A safe and accepting place
for autistic people from
arou… See More

here’s my
Ні [redacted]
o I’m James
O Self dx through autism bingo
co trans man8″, although
I’ve been thinking about
redesignating myself as
autigender lately
o social anxiety
o self dx ARFID
*iFL or get out
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[Redacted name]Ah fuck I mixed t…
[Redacted name]I meant to put IF…


uwu – sometimes used as a cute face emoji. In the autistic

community it is used to refer to (often self-diagnosed)

SJW people who shout from the rooftops that they are

autistic, demand trigger warnings for everything,

overuse terms such as “problematic” and “valid”, and in

their quest to be ultra-inclusive actually end up

ostracising a lot of people.

I just got banned from another uwu Facebook group

because a bunch of uwus found my Asperger’s Syndrome

diagnosis “problematic” and “triggering”

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