Agony Autie Attack on My Autistic Sparkle


How is this remotely ok?

For years Emma Dalmayne has campaigned tirelessly

against autistic child exploitation online?

Yet they have literally set up a YouTube page, with

sponsors London Autism Group Charity I cannot

condone this & the mother has framed her 8 year old

daughter as an autistic presenter? (My franks age)

I’m amazed at the hypocrisy & endangerment. I am a

33 year old autistic adult with 4 years experience

online & offline as Agony Autie – it is DANGEROUS

A child can NOT consent to their image, voice & mind

being used on the internet.

She is being used like a product – she cannot consent.

It is hypocrisy of the highest order from someone who

has campaigned against this very YouTube

exploitation for years

My Autistic Sparkle

3 d.

A talk on regulation and sensory seeking

My Autistic Sparkle is supported by London Autism

Group Charity… See more

O Sansung internet

UK set for four days of severe thund..


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AGONY Agony Autie

AUTIF I thought you campaigned tirelessly for

years against autistic child exploitation

online? You have literally got your child a

page, a YouTube, sponsors & being a

presenter? I’m amazed at the hypocrisy &

endangerment & A’s someone with 4 years

on YouTube it is DANGEROUS

You are using her like a product

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Cesca Marie

Amazing advice my daughter jas autism

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Amy Alexis

Morning autistic sparkle great video

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Autistic Barkle

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