Morgan Miller


Gather round! Here is the Morgan Miller Story.

Soon after the NBC article came out (we all know which one it is) they sent me a friend request. A lot of autistics sought me out and they looked harmless so I accepted.
We didn’t really correspond until they was in a mental health hospital for a week and came out. They contacted me because they knew my son is a diabetic. The told me they had high ketones, and I was worried.

What they knew was that my son is a type one diabetic and I know ketones are dangerous when they get high. The wouldn’t give me a number. My son had ketoacidosis recently to this incident and we almost lost him. So that’s where my mind went.
I kept asking him every few days because they promised me they would meet with an endocrinologist.
Soon after that they messaged me about my parents. I was not secretive about my upbringing. I went into things that I hadn’t talked about in years.

They would send me voice message after voice message when they knew I was working. I told him that i have a compulsion about notifications. I don’t like having new notifications. Most people I know are very respectful about that. Also, I am hard of hearing. I was able to decipher most of what they said because I can hear most AMAB voices than AFAB due to pitch.
I asked him to stop with the voice messages due to my anxiety. Then thats where the fun (sarcasm) started.

They is allergic to soy. They and their wife are living with their parents. They would tell their parents not to cook with soy. Not even for him, just at all. After provoking their parents, they would send me voice recordings of their parents.The situation with the soy and their parents reminded me of how my parents ignored several bad asthma attacks with me.

This was extremely triggering for me and I asked him to stop and they would not. They would contact me and ask how they can move out with their wife and escape their parents. I told him how I did it. He did not want to go to college, which is fine. I gave him a numerous amount of resources that are available. They gave excuses why they could not take advantage.

All this stress was affecting my relationship with my husband and I finally stopped responding to him. Nick told me he saw a change in me and that scared me. I was not going to allow Morgan to break up my family. Nick wasn’t jealous of him, they was mad over what they was doing to me.
Soon after that, they went on a blocking fit and needed to separate himself. They did a live stream explaining himself.

They apparently was doing this to a lot of people. They were an admin on SJH page too. She removed him after

Emma Dalmayne

had spoken to him.

After all this, I blocked him because them disrupted my life too much. I had real work to do. I have children and don’t need to relive my trauma in my life.

Just seeing their photo or their name makes me want to vomit.

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