Bleachers Have Infiltrated Anti Neurodiversity Groups

As many of you know, I have been researching and reporting bleachers for years along with Emma Dalmayne, Melissa Eaton and many others. They usually stay within their own bleach groups and it is usually easy to track them down with tools I use.

The other day, I was messaged on my Facebook page about this one person who was maintaining that MMS is not bleach. This was an an anti neurodiversity group. We do not see these because we are not in these groups.

{Unity Love Chandramukhi Dasi

MMS is not bleach and it works like an anti

parasitic and lots of people use it to cure

diseases and have cured autism with it. You

don’t have to agree with other people’s

alternative treatments but don’t say it’s just

bleach when it’s not.}

Under the name Unity Love Chandramukhi Dasi, this woman is in these autistic led groups promoting MMS as a cure.

Unity Love Chandramukhi Dasi’s profile screenshot

After much investigation and with help from other autistics, we found out who she is. Her name is Corey or Corrine Bradley and she is in Hilo Hawaii (she makes this public).

Corey Bradley profile screenshot. Same person in both profile pics, same location, etc.
Be aware of this person, do not allow either person in your groups. I don’t care who you are and if you like me or not, this person is dangerous, especially for a parent of a newly diagnosed autistic child. The autistic community would not have reached this parent yet. If I could save just one life by writing this, it would be worth it.
After finding her residence information, I called CPS in Hawaii. They told me she has to harm a child in order for them to act. Deep down I knew that but I needed to try. This is the best course of action right now. I wish I wasn’t powerless to do more.

I normally do not write blogs like this but it seemed like this was the only way to get the word out. Please share this with everyone you know so this dangerous person does not enter your life and try to coerce you to poison someone you love.

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