Quack Exposed: Bright Autism

Bright Autism is a company that sells sensory supplies and education aids. Their sensory supplies look like they are really effective and a lot of fun.! This could be a great company. They do not use puzzle pieces in their logo which is much appreciated.

Then upon further investigation, they also sell essential oils and supplements. They are on the pseudoscience path. They sell them on Amazon as well.

“Bright Autism provides families with the essential tools and resources needed to elevate the quality of life of children with autism. Every child and parent deserves access to autism items that help them overcome common day-to-day challenges together. Through compassion, knowledge, and experience, we strive to support you and your family, with products ranging from handwriting grips to effective essential oils. We invite you to join our friendly community and find the products and information that enable you to find serenity and contentment at home. BrightAutism aims to create a brighter future for children on the spectrum, and we’re grateful for every opportunity to make a positive change. Every smile is a gift, and Bright Autism exists to shine light into households, and in turn, bring greater joy and understanding to all. Join us on this journey forward. Head over to our collections to get shopping!”

Mission Statement:

“We are here to provide help and hope to families who deal with the challenges of autism in a child every day. Our catalog features a wide variety of autism items to help with overall health, sensory development items, and toys for a variety of ages.”

They have partnered with an essential oil company called Plant Therapy Essential Oils.

Problematic Products:

Roll on Oil: Immune Boom $17.90.Immune Boom Synergy is the perfect choice to help keep your child healthy.



“These essential oils are blended together to help keep your little one’s immune system in top gear and fight off impurities that are floating around.”

This is marketed for children from 2 years old to 10 years old. Ingredients: lemon, palmarosa, dill weed, petitgrain, copaiba oleoresin and frankincense essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut carrier oil.

Essential Oil: PlantTherapy Study Time Essential Oil $18.99.


“Help your child stay on task by focusing on what’s in front of them. Whether they struggle at school or lack focus at home, The essential oils found in this synergy like, Bergamot and Vetiver, are calming to the mind and very balancing.”

Ingredients: petitgrain, bergamot, cedarwood atlas, grapefruit, lavender, vetiver oils.

4 pack of essential oils for the humidifier $17.90 each:


Includes: Immune Boom, Germ destroyer, Calm the child and :

A+ Attention: “Help your child stay on task by focusing on what’s in front of them. Whether they struggle at school or lack focus at home, A+ Attention can help. The essential oils found in this synergy like, Bergamot and Vetiver, are calming to the mind and very balancing.”

Ingredients: Undiluted petitgrain, bergamot, cedarwood atlas, grapefruit pink, lavender and vetiver.

Essential Oil: Tension Tamer $18.99


“They might find social or unfamiliar situations overwhelming and hard to understand.  As a result, people and situations can seem unpredictable, which can make children feel stressed and anxious.”

Ingredients: Lavender, palmarosa, geranium bourbon, lemon, chamomile roman

Germ Destroyer (not eligible for refund)  $46


It helps to protect the children from seasonal threats like those that occur during the winter. It helps everyone stay healthy or recover more quickly.”

Ingredients: spruce, marjoram sweet, lavender, rosalina, and lemon oils.

Nighty Night Gummies $26.40. A melatonin supplement. *Melatonin is a valid treatment for insomnia BUT should only be used by the direction of a reputable doctor.*

“Nighty Night Gummies act as a supplement to the Body’s Natural Hormone“Melatonin” to help kids establish proper sleeping patterns, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed”


They claim they are FDA approved but FDA does not approve supplements. Ingredients: 1 mg of melatonin.

Essential oil: Calming The Child $46:


“This PlantTherapy Essential Calming Oil -10ML it’s a safe way to relax your child by calming the mind and bringing on a sense of tranquility.”
Blend of mandarin, orange, tangerine, lavender, roman and chamomile diluted in a coconut carrier oil.

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