Big Names in Entertainment are Changing Their Perception on Autism on World Autism Day

All the autistic community wants is to be listened to and not be spoken over. Amplify our voices and express what the autistic community wants not what the NT think we need. Last year it was a dumpster fire. A lot of big names in entertainment were talking over us and deleting what we were saying. Here are two big examples of what it looks like!


Last year Nickelodeon made a facebook post in support of Autism Speaks. The autistic community spoke out and explained why Autism Speaks was bad. Instead of listening to the people affected by the harm, they deleted autistic voices. They deleted the post but like autistics do, screen shots were taken!

This year it was Different

I happened to go on twitter to see what Nickelodeon was up to and I was pleasantly surprised!!! And much to my surprise, they responded to me as well!

Melissa Joan Hart

I did not pay attention to what she posted last year but this caught my eye. She listened to the autistic community. She got rid of the puzzle pieces and changed what narrative she was using due to autistic feedback. Everyone who said something.
She then changed her profile frame but did not realize it was from an ABA website.
Autistic People told her what it was and why ABA is harmful. She then changed it again:
She left the old one up for education!
Nothing about us without us!

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