Joint Hate Campaign Against My Children By Fiona Oleary and Connie Manning

Not one of mine but it was sent to me. If the creator comes forward, I will credit them. 

The Outpouring Love From the Community





She claims I sell his medical supplies and medically neglect him

You cannot sell insulin, pump cartridges, infusion sets, cannulas and dexcom sensor and transmitters in the US. Its illegal. It is hard to get these supplies approved by insurance. If I sold insulin and did not give it to him, he would be dead. 
There is a screen shot showing me giving supplies away because the pump he had previously was using, he was using in foster care. His last foster mom found it, while we were waiting for his T slim to be medicaid approved. The reason we needed it is because 3 months after he was using the animas ping, the company discontinued use in the US so they stopped the production of supplies. 
The pump made it so he didn’t go super low at 4 am every night due to his insulin sensitivity. He was really sensitive to the long acting insulin. Half unit was too much where he would go into the 40’s at 4am. But if he didnt have it, he would go supe high. 
Once he received his T Slim, we gave those supplies to a local diabetic adult in need. Her insurance was giving her a hard time getting her supplies. She was so grateful that she had a month where she did not have to fight insurance. They say we sold it. No that group has a no selling policy and that’s why I posted it in that group. 
Type one diabetics cannot live without insulin because their pancreas does not produce it. Blood sugar would get so high, they would go into diabetic ketoacidosis and the ketones that are produced by the liver would kill the diabetic. 
They are twisting my words when I say we keep him A LITTLE elevated at night. This is so he doesn’t go really low at 4am like he would. Low means 40 mg/dl. This level will cause him to go into a hypoglycemic seizure. Thankfully that has never happened with us. Before coming to us, he has. Going too low can be just, if not more dangerous than too high. 200 ml/dl will not put him into diabetic ketoacidosis. He has not been in DKA since the post in the screenshot below. That was before the T slim x2 insulin pump paired with the Dexcom G6. That combination has been amazing and kept him level. He is very insulin sensitive so we need to be super careful he doesn’t go too low. 


Now she says I use them for money

In 2016, there was a local public helping group when my financials weren’t as strong as they are now. My pet business was only 2 years old. I started it so I could spend more time with my kids instead of working 15 hour days at a vet’s office. It takes time to build a business. We had only had my husbands siblings for less than one year. We were getting adjusted to having three more mouths to feed. 
They are not foster children. We have legal guardianship. There is NO FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for that. We are keeping them out of the system. 
Screens from this:

Condones Putting Bleach in Autistics Mouths


People are Turning Their Backs on The Hate


Doesn’t know the difference between Covid and the flu or a cold


The study I was being interviewed about was the occurance of colds and flu after the mask mandate. Nothing was spoken about COVID. We fail to see the difference between the 3 viruses. 


Direct Message From Connie’s Fake Account After Saying I’m Not Posting On Social Media


Connie, This Isn’t One of My Bleacher Accounts, But Thanks For Playing

Then Autistic Hitman Got Involved. Whoever you are, THANK YOU for defending my children. 

They Think Emma is Autistic Hitman

We don’t have time for that. If you really want to concentrate on your son, stop fixating on mine. Trust me, it will help. 

I went to Court and They made Assumptions AS USUAL

So in the press release by the department of justice it said exactly where the Grennons were going to be arraigned. 
In the united states, spectators are allowed to be in the court room to watch what happens. Going to court to watch is not the same thing and pushing themselves as an expert witness. I know what MMS does and how harmful it can be. Yes you have been doing it longer than me, if my name wasnt given to NBC you still wouldn’t know my name and maybe you will leave my kids alone. The only reason I wasn’t allowed in was because of COVID. that’s it. He explained to my why, I thanked him and then I left. 
I guess she has never heard of the Sunshine Law. 
I made a report to garda and she stopped talking about my kids but Connie thinks its funny to militarize my kids against me. At least I honor their identity, autonomy and privacy. 

Update: Case is Officially Closed

I had a lot of personal health things going on here so I did not update when this case was closed. About a month after the first visit from the DCF worker, I got a phone call. He asked if I was still being harassed over the non abuse of my kids. I told him it had calmed down. He told me he had to make one last visit and see everyone. 
When he came over he gave the older boys a lecture about how important it is help Nick and I out when cleaning the house. He then went on a rant with Nick and I about how schools will make bogus calls.He hates the false calls because it takes resources away. He googled me like I told him to do and he saw the good work that I do. He saw the kids scout awards on display. 
He told us how he went to each of the kids schools and lectured them on what was abuse and what wasn’t abuse. He told me that I shouldn’t have any more trouble from them. He saw that all but one of the calls was from the school over ridiculousness. Glasses that broke at school, N had a pedicure stain on his shirt when he had a clean one in his backpack, etc. 
He then saw Nick didn’t put Potato down. She screams when she isn’t being held. It is just easier to hold her all the time than to listen to her scream. He did the normal things like look to make sure we have food. Come on, we are a Jewish/Italian family, when do we not have food?
The last thing he needed to do was to check with our pediatrician on how Potato was doing and then it was closed. He called me a week later and said,”I love you guys but I hope I don’t have to see you again. I put in the file that your kids are traumatized from the multitude of bogus calls. That should stop people from bothering you. Keep it up. Your home is full of love.”
I want to thank you all for all your support. I knew my kids weren’t going anywhere but it was a fear. Connie and Fiona took time away from me that I will never get back. I can never forgive them for what they did. The kids bring them up every now and then. I told them it’s not their job to worry about me, its my job to worry about them. 

Update: So Connie Said it Wasn’t Her Who Doxxed Me!!!

So this is hilarious. In Connie’s private group where she has a say on who stays and who doesn’t, she posted my address and the phone number to Florida Department of Children and Families. If you mess with my kids, I will NEVER shut up about it. This could have ended horribly. Thankfully, it did not. 
Me, like most autistics, save everything. I take it once step further, I organize all my screen by wanker who did it so its easily found. Now that people are posting this screen shot showing she did dox me, she thinks it will work by saying she was a victim of identity theft. 
I did make a sarcastic tweet about this statement. Autistics are not buying it. I literally do not have the time. I run my own business, I have 7 kids including an infant, I run a scout troop, been suffering with my health (slowly getting better with changes I am making), run AIM USA and making sure everything runs smoothly. 

Fiona Playing the Victim 

She is saying we are the bullies but she is the one that tried to split up my family. 

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