Quack Exposed: Nathan Riddett


Nathan Riddett grew up and lived as an adult in Bursledon, England, UK. He attended local schools as a child and earned a scholarship at King Edward VI senior school. He has a background in Estate Agency and Lettings since he was 19. 

He is an advocate of hemp, entheogens, holistic health, truth and freedom. He was born in 1979 and raised by a single mother and his grandparents. His grandmother reads palms, tarot, crystal balls and uses hypnotism. His mother shared stories of ghost and alien hunts. He grew up questioning authority and loving animals. 

He owns a martial arts studio in Southampton, UK called Woolston Wing Chun. The style of martial arts is functional Wing Chun Kung Fu. He specifically will not allow government employees to partake in his lessons. 

He believes there is current slavery because people ignore Natural Law. He believes that the solution is the collective Dia Gnosis. It is achieved by knowledge, learn live and propagate Natural Law. He says the continual studying of human consciousness, mind control, the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of earth. 

Natural Law

Riddett’s views:
Human slavery is the problem and natural law is the solution. Natural view is like a brain cleanup. The things that enslaves us are chemtrails, politics, religion, war, disease, pollution, wage inequality. He blames this on all natural disasters too.  Gia Gnosis: by the way of knowledge. With knowledge all suffering can end. 
Natural law isn’t Darwin’s survival of the fittest. It is don’t steal freedom, rights, property, labor or truth. He says to do what you want but don’t hurt other people. Calls money “fake fear paper slave tokens.” Taxation he considers stealing by the government. 
“Do no harm, take no shit.”

Open Minds Conference Ireland 2019

“On November the 8th 2019 myself and AIM director Jenny Payne were making our way from London to Waterford in Ireland, to protest a gathering of quacks at a conference called ‘Open Minds’. We were there specifically to demonstrate against a speaker called Clive de Carle, a man who recommends banned blood product GcMAF and has been known to sell it, along with MMS. We were enroute on a coach from Dublin to Waterford when my mobile rang, it was a Guard letting me know that the Guardai would be meeting us off the coach to question us about a bomb threat supposedly made by myself. After questioning us and seeing there was no danger or threat they allowed us to walk over to Dooleys. I could see a man I immediately recognised as Nathan Riddett, he had targeted the protest event on our Facebook page informing us that we had retarded views and that vaccines cause autism. As I walked over i realised that he was handing out leaflets to our protestors, I handed them back to him and told him shortly to go away and leave our protesters alone. The protesters who were mainly autistics told me he had called them retards, at hearing this I promptly told him to fuck off away from them which he did, very quickly.” – Emma Dalmayne
And this guy teaches martial arts? I would re evaluate where you learn the art from.
Imagine being that much of an entitled piece of crap where you make a fraudulent call to the Garda on a black woman.

Anti Semitism and Anti Vax

Recently it came to my attention that Riddett is making yellow stars to look alike the yellow stars given out during the holocaust to identify Jews for easy round up to to be taken to concentration camps.  These stars weren’t even well made, let alone the blatant disregard for lives taken during the Holocaust. 




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