Problematic Organization: A E Wood Foundation

AE Wood Foundation is a non profit charity that was established in 2018.They have a location in Tampa, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.  Their goal is to connect families with the medical, therapeutic and educational providers. “The foundation works to enhance the ability of children and young adults and their families to succeed in life while maintaining the vision of medical services for all.” They serve children and young adults who are learning disabled and diagnosed as autistic. They are supervised by the organization Professional Grooming Professionals. Yes the title is actually accurate. They groom kids for abuse.

This foundation was named after Dr. Arthur Eugene Wood (1924-2010). He was a doctor, in the military and philanthropist. He earned his degree in Chemistry from Mississippi College in 1947. He earned his medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine in 1953. In addition to this, he earned his law degree at Mississippi College in 1964. He served ini the US Navy during WWII and then later ini the US Army and earned the rank of Major. He was awarded by Mississippi College as Alumnus of the Year in 1993.

They are not forthcoming with the services they offer, so I decided to give them a call. I flat out asked them if they offer ABA without giving away what my values were. They said yes. I told them that ABA is abuse and not supported by the autistic community and I would make sure the community knew.

Full Spectrum Behavior Institute

FSBI is an ABA research facility. They are the largest independent ABA research facility in Florida. It was founded in order to create ABA focused books, researching and publishing ABA methods, and showing the top ABA talent. They published a book called “Behave Like a Boss: Build a Seven Figure Applied Behavior Analysis Firm.” They are located in Tampa, Florida. Most of their board has overlapping board members with AE Wood Foundation. The overlap members are Dr. Hallie Ertel, Dr. Jennifer Bellotti (president), and Dr. Nichole Housemann (President).

Their Board

No autistics on board but mostly BCBA with various advance degrees in ABA. 
Carroll Streetman- treasurer, Vice President
Dwayne Ingram-Director
Reverend Mike Jones-Director
Collin Streetman, BCBA-President
Richard Dixon- Secretary
Streetman Law- retained law office

Research and Grant Writers

Dr. Nichole Hausmann, BCBA-D (also community trainer)
Dr. Jennifer Bellotti, BCBA-D

Dr. Hallie Ertel, BCBA-D

Joshua Garner, PhD, BCBA-D, COBA

Duping Autistics into Defending Them!

Coopting Neurodiversity Symbolism

In cooperation with American McGee, a fundraiser was created with a plush bunny and matching tote bag. The bunny has a blue infinity on his belly with a tag line called “respect the spectrum.” and hope. No puzzle symbolism. Great? No
Several things wrong.
The infinity is a symbol of acceptance. Acceptance and ABA cannot coexist. It is impossible.
The infinity is blue, not gold or rainbow. Blue is rejected by the autistic community because light it up blue was an Autism Speaks Campaign to show that this is a boy’s condition.
The organization is dishonest and does not make it obvious that they offer ABA. One has to search the site for the board to see it is majority BCBAs.
Coopting the Neurodiversity symbol and making it that abomination is dishonest. There is a guise of acceptance when they do not accept.
Hope is to say that autistics are broken and hope needs to be there to fix us.
Nothing about us, without us!


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  1. When I typed in Professional Grooming Professionals into Google I could only find 7 links.Would it be Grooming Professionals? [without the first “Professional”{!!!!!}].Adelaide


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