Predator: "That Vegan Teacher"

*This was done as a request by two of my children J and Roo. They did not want to involve me but people need to beware of her*

She is what would be the product of Connie and PETA having a baby.

That Vegan Teacher or Kadie Karen Deikmayer is a 6th grade English teacher L’école du Papillon-Bleu, Pavillon St-Jean-Baptiste in Vaudriul, Quebec. She was born on September 24, 1964. She says she was a registered nurse before becoming a teacher. After a search in the Quebec data base, that turned out to be a lie. No one by her name has ever had a nursing license in Quebec.

She is a famous TikToker and Youtuber who has targeted children, young adults, Gordon Ramsey, LGBT community, organ donation and many others. She has made comments only a pedophile would make. She is obsessed in making non vegans in to vegans. She tries to make people who aren’t vegan become vegan. She takes animal activism way too far.

She became famous for singing in front of a McDonalds.

She created her channel on July 21, 2018 and uploaded a video right away.

Vegans Don’t Even Like Her

According to Vegan News, “That Vegan Teacher AKA Kadie Karen aka Kadie Karen Diekmeyer (real name) has been straight out problematic, ableist, and straight up racist in the vegan community for years.”
The vegan community has been avoiding her and let her live her toxic life and all was fine until she discovered Tik Tok. This is where “she made the vegan animal rights community look like a joke.”
A vegan writer. Brandon Kirkwood of Vegan News writes,”Today I see so many fellow vegans defending her and shopping around a petition to get her Tik Tok back. NO, SHE DOES NOT DESERVE A PLATFORM.”

Organ Donation

She refuses to be an organ donor and that is her right. Her reasoning is problematic. In September of 2020, she received clawback for her comments about organ donation. On Tik Tok she said,”I’ve decided that there’s no way on earth that I ever want any of you [meat eaters] to ever get my organs if I die.” This is the first year she decided not to sign her donor card. 
This is disgusting. My mother in law as alive to meet me because of organ donation. Was she not worthy because she ate meet. My sister in law was 4 when her mother needed a kidney transplant. She would have grown up without a mother. Kadie doesn’t think about things like this or she doesn’t care. 

Attacks on Minecraft Streamers

TommyInnit is a young Minecraft streamer who was born in 2004. He is 17 years old. On December 15, 2020 made a Tik Tok about “being surrounded by many women in college.”

Kadie responded in a video saying,”Don’t be scared, Tommy. Just follow that Meat Teacher, Miss Tofu. She’ll help you find a nice vegan girl who will teach you what to do.” Imagine being ok with talking to a child like this. He is 16. 
His fan base reacted, which is understandable. In response to this response, she made another video saying.”TommyInnit Fans, what the f*ck is wrong with you guys? You are losing your minds! I saw some of the duets that you guys did, to that 15 second video I did for him. What the f*ck are you guys doing? Some of you are punching the camera, going f**king crazy. You know he’s at college. I’m a teacher. I’m allowed to talk to him. You know what you should be crying about? The r*pe, the torture, and the murder on all your plates.” She attempts to justify her pedophilia. She is a teacher. Classy.

Daz Games was born in 1985. He is a British YouTube for gaming and his reactions. He made a video in response to Kadie and her ridiculousness.

A few days later on January 2, 2021, she responded with a video defending herself. She said since his videos she has had over 1 million views that the “vegan activists will take over the comments.”
This backfired on her. This only caused her to receive more hate, which was well deserved.
A few days later, Daz Games made another video telling her,”You’re brainwashed, you think that everyone is coming for you because of what you put in your mouth, it’s what comes out of your mouth that we don’t like.”

LGBTQ+ Tik Tok

In January of 2021, Kadie created a Tik Tok account which was for her to talk about veganism. During one of her videos, she said,”Coming out as a vegan activist, is more special than coming out as LGBTQ.” Of course this was met with a lot of backlash by a lot of people. One user commented,”Coming out as vegan is not as special as coming out as gay/lesbian. I am lesbian myself. Vegan is a diet, not a sexuality.”
She then responded to this commenter,”You’re absolutely wrong. Coming out as a vegan animal rights activist -as someone who cares beyond themself – is much more special than it is come out as a member for the LGBTQ community. Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community is an entirely selfish act. Its talking about you, only you. Its not talking about the things you are going to do to better the world. Coming out as an animal rights activist is talking about the animals – others not just you. In fact, it is a completely unselfish thing to do. Yes, I’m not saying out is as easy in different societies, and deferent religious backgrounds. But if you’re in a religion that treats you badly, just change the religion. We’ve been over this before. But look at my comments section. Think of how terribly vegan animal rights activists are treated. Not just me, all of them. Do better. Be kind to those who are being kind. Be vegan.”
She is being the opposite of kind. I am an autistic activist that has had threats, fraudulent CPS reports called on me and NEVER will I say that that is worse than something else something experiences.
The comments section of this response was full of roasting comments targeting Kadie.
She had more than 1.7 million followers on Tik Tok.

Gordon Ramsey

I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, as my whole family is. To see how the responds to her nonsense made me happy.
On January 2021, Kadie made a video targeting Gordon Ramsey, singing a song similar to the one she sang in front of a McDonalds.
Gordon Ramsey responded with a duet of the video, and eats a big beef burger in front of Kadie. He was proving that he would not be vegan like her song suggests. Kadie then posted a response that was taken down by TikTok. There was been no interaction since.


Kadie is white and created a video that this image was taken from. She wants to reclaim the N word.
She isn’t in the population where this word was used. It is not up to her to reclaim it. Even suggesting that she can reclaim the word is racist in itself. I am sorry. I am at a loss here with this.
After being called out for her obvious racism, she responded with another video, which was a 30 minute rant claiming that the response was “censorship” and that she knows she “isn’t a racist person.”
She has compared “vegan phobia” to racism, queer phobia and sexism.


She also told a disabled person they would “be better” if they were vegan. This is the same things quacks tell autistic people. Diet won’t change someone’s disability. This is dehumanizing and ableist.

Attempts to Deplatform Her

On February 22, 2021. there was a petition on with more than 20,000 signatures. Tik Tok deactivated her account for multiple violations of thier policies, including making “blatantly racist, intolerant and discriminatory statements against anyone who does not see veganism as it does.”
Kadie said that a group of teenage boys got her banned and she made them “feel that guilt” about eating meat. Denies any and all accusations.

Anti Semitism

Right after her main account was deactivated, she started a new one called @that.holocaust.teacher. As a Jew, this makes me furious. She had previously used the view that factory farming is comparable to the Holocaust. In one of her videos, she compared killing animals to the Holocaust. Anyone with a basic understanding of this horrific time in history knows this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Other Account Attempts

The other accounts she attempted to create are:
  • thatvegannurse
  • thatveganteacherwhosings
  • thatveganteacherverified (later changed to thatveganteacherwhocares)
  • Questioning.Our.Thoughts (had 20,000 followers and was banned)

Continuing to Post

Her main Tik Tok has been taken down but her Youtube channel remains. This is the main place where she uploads content currently. She uploads videos daily, sometimes multiple times per day. These are videos that are long, show her rambling in front of a green screen with comments and likes turned off.


In recent Tik Tok videos, Kadie can be seen using the logo of the Minecraft streamer Dream. In a YouTube video of hers, she explained that she found it as a sticker on an app and liked it. She had been targeting Minecraft streamers, this is obviously a lie.

Animal Abuse

She has a pet mixed breed name Bella where Kadie feeds her a vegan diet. Yes. she feeds her dog a vegan diet. Being a veterinary technologist, let’s dive right in.
There is a rising popularity in the vegan diet and people want their pets to eat like them. This is wrong. Dogs are considered obligate carnivores. The domestic dog evolved from the grey wolf approximately 15,000 years ago. In the wild. the grey wolf eats meat. They got most of their nutrition from hunted or scavenged prey and any plant matter that was in the stomach or intestines. They would also eat grass to vomit when not feeling well. Their gastrointestinal tract is designed for a higher protein diet and their bodies respond better to nutrients from animal sources.

Evidence Dogs are Made for Meat

The dog’s molars are shaped to crush bone and grind viscera. Herbivores have different shaped teeth. Cows have flat molars to grind plant matter and humans have a mix of grinding and tearing teeth to allow a diet of both plants and animals.
Herbivores, like cows, have wide, flat molars and jaw muscles that allow them to chew from side to side easily. Carnivores, like dogs, have large vertical range of motion in their jaw that allow removal of a single mouthful of food without the need for chewing.
Their digestive system requires primarily animal products to be consumed. Every organism requires the same basic nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, minerals, and vitamins. These are always in specific amounts, it depends on the species. The different groups of animals differ in thier preferred source of energy but all animals need glucose. Herbavores eat mostly carbohydrates. Carnivores eat primarily protein.
The protein is broken down in the stomach. The cellulose in the plant matter requires more time in the stomach to be digested. The longer an animal’s gut is compared to body length, the more herbivorous thier diet is. Ruminants (goats, cows, llamas, etc) have the largest ratio (30:1) , dogs have a 6:1 ratio and cats have a 4:1 ratio.
The surface of the intestines give a lot of information as to the diet of the animal. The human intestines has a lot of twists  and turns that form more surface area per unit of length. This is idea for maximizing digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. In carnivores like cats and dogs, the intestines look like a slightly wavy tube. This way they are getting most of thier energy from prtien which is digested further up in the intestines and do not need extra length and surface area to digest fiber.
Dogs are built to digest protein. Dogs short intestine length are designed to do best on diets made up of quickly digestible food like protein. Their highly concentrated stomach acid, which has a high amount of enzymes that break down protein, and low amounts of enzymes that break down carbohydrates.
Plant based diets can make your pet malnourished. Since dogs have an inability to use carbohydrates efficiently as its only source of energy is not the only problem. There is an issue of essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are nutrients that the body cannot create itself and it must be aquired from outside sources. For carnivores, they are amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. They also build lipids, which are the building blocks of fat.
Being deficient in these nutrients can cause a dog to become extremely ill.

What You can Do to Help

Sign the Petitions

Report All Her Social Media Accounts

Email the School She is Working at


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  1. TRIGGER WARNING: Holocaust, Nazism etcShe still does it. Thatveganteacher still has numerous posts and in one of her recent videos she released a video comparing autistic children to pigs. She has gotten remarkably worse as well with her videos.


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