Quack Exposed: James A. Neubrander

James Neubrander was born on October 29, 1949 in Ashland, Ohio. He is divorced and has two adult children.

Neubrander Graduated from Southern College, Collegedale, Tennessee with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1972. Neubrander earned his Medical Technologist Degree in 1972 from Southern college in association with Memorial Hospital in Collegedale, Tennessee. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1975 with a Doctorate of Medicine Degree.

Neubrander is currently licensed in New Jersey, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Neubrander is a professional member of:

  • Defeat Autism Now
  • Autism Y Axis Rating Scale Project Design
  • US Autism and Asperger Association
  • International Hyperbaric Association
  • MIND institute research trial focus group
  • MAPS
  • TACA

He  is an occupational specialist in Iselin, New Jersey. He opened his clinic called Road to Recovery Clinic in 2005. He opened his clinic after he “accidentally: discovered methyl b12 injections in May 2002. He believes that autistic people need these injections. He tried it first on a 4 year old. “He was not there.” He was on a 6 week long treatment.

Before he started his clinic he was doing a “special kind of allergy shot” and he knew nothing about autism. He didn’t want to know anything bout autism. He had a practice that was “set up for normal people.” He had 25 families of autistic children who were coming to him to be seen. Since he did not know about autism he gave them a “special kind of treatment.” He said they “ruined my office.”He complains about dead fish and ruined fishtanks as if they were more important than the children.

His clinic offers:

Big surprise, this clinic does not take insurance because insurance will not pay for this quackery.

“The Road To Recovery Clinic does not take any insurance and is considered “Out of Network”. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company before committing to our program in order to determine the exact policies of your insurance plan. We will provide all of the documentation required by your insurer so that you may get reimbursement if possible, but since many of the treatments are considered off-label or not the “usual standard of care,” there is no guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for any of our treatments. Please note that if you choose to submit our invoice to your insurance company, telephone consults generally are not covered by insurance.”

Neubrander has presented at Autism one in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012.
Neubrander also participates in the Autism Recovery Summit.

Dr. Neubrander is recommended by Autism Hope Alliance. He was interviewed by them in 2011.

Study of Methyl B12 on Autistic Children

According to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, B12 injections for autism sho no sign of benefit. In 2006, AACAP conducted a study with B12 injections on autistic children. They showed no sign of significant benefit according to Dr. Lesley Deprey of University of California at Davis. They put together the study because of the “anecdotal reports of remarkable clinical improvements.” There have been no supporting published studies. They conducted the study based on the idea it shows improvement for schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers who were involved with the study reported no significant benefits. The study included 14 patients and they completed a three month double blind study. There was no significant differences with active versus placebo treatment.  Diagnosis of autism was confirmed using several clinical evaluations. They were not permitted to have any additional treatments or medications during the study.

Neubrander want to rewrite the scientific method

Neubrander claims that studies of alternative medicine treatments have failed on autistic children because “it is not a condition conductive to study using traditional randomized control trial methods.” He wants to change science to accommodate his quackery.

He values anecdotal evidence over empirical evidence. He says that a better way to assess progress for an autistic child is to involve everyone who is involve with the child. This includes parents, bus driver, pediatrician, teaches and others. This way all the sources would be able to record instances where the child performed a task and said something they haven’t before. That way the anecdotal evidence would be recorded.

Neubrander’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Study

There was a published study that two doctors Neubrander and Rossingnol have conducted. They found “that mild pressure and mild extra oxygen led to “improvement of some symptoms
of autism . . . are listed as medical advisors to the International Hyperbarics Association (IHA) on its Website, which promotes the ‘healing magic of hyperbaric oxygenation.” They did not disclose that the study was funded by the IHA. Thats very unethical. The study was clearly biased. Neubrander stated that it was “not a purposeful deception.” And the sky is pink.

FDA is Trying to Ban Methyl B12 and He has Something to Say

The FDA called a meeting where comments are open for 5 more days. They were calling for some substances used for quackery to be only dispense at typical pharmacies and not compounding pharmacies. This is to ensure that they are used how they are intended and no one gets hurt.
The quacks and the parents using quackery are not happy about this. The meeting can be found:
Neubrander of course had a response to this action. “It really makes me mad because this is something that really works for kids. Its one thing that would be devastating to take away.” He obviously leaves out the dangerous side effects of this drug.
He is encouraging the parents who use his quackery to band together to take on the FDA.He does not seem to care what science has to say. The parents should be “scared, they should be fearful.”
Neubrander claims that he has 100’s of kids recovered from autism. He also claims that the effects from the injections are ,”no different than a pain from an operation, its a nuisance but we expect it.” He obviously has never had surgery.
Letter he is sending to parents:
Subject line: Emergency Personal Email from Dr. Neubrander- FDA Preparing To Stop METHYL-B12 INJECTIONS
Dear Parents,
I was notified the end of last week that the FDA has put methyl b12 on their docket to review June 9, 2021, the purpose being whether to remove methyl b12 from the injectable medication that compounding pharmacies are allowed to make for their patients. The only possibility that the fDA may allow injectable methyl b12 to continue depends on whether the FDA receives an overwhelming outcry from patients. Before May 26 (the FDA deadline), parents and patients need to write to convince the FDA committee that using methyl b12 had made a major difference for them or their child, and that removing it would be devastating to them and their families. After personally prescribing and monitoring more than 1.5 million doses of methyl b12 over thast 19 years, I know this to be this to be true for thousands of my parents and patients. It is not a magic bullet, but without a doubt, injectable methyl b 12 is a major player in health and recovery! 
We, as a combined group with a unified message, need to stand up to the FDA and make our message heard. We need to send a message that screams loud and clear that taking away methyl b12 injections would be devastating to not only your family in particular but to the Autism Community at large. 
This is one time that I am begging you to stand together and shout your message loud and clear to the FDA so that hope remains for you and your children to continue a vital treatment. Though we all know that to be true, the FDA does not and will not know what we know unless we are clear in our message by giving detailed information telling the FDA what methyl b 12 has done for you, your child, and your family. They need to understand that taking it away would be devastating. It is important not only to tell them the facts, but just as importantly, if no more so, how you feel right now at the thought of losing it. 
Unfortunately, the FDA gave little notice of us – possibly this was by accident, maybe by design, who knows? However, that does not change the fact that your comments must be received before the deadline of May 26, 2021. Please write your story as convincingly as possible. 
The FDA has established a docket for public comment on their meeting. The docket number is FDA-2021-N-0357. The link to the docket is the following: https://www.regulations.gov/document/FDA-2021-N-2057-0001
To submit electronically, you can click the blue “comment” button to share your comments with the Agency. 
Stand with me, together as a Team Preserve Methyl B12
He is using scare tactics and the tragedy narrative to control these parents. Lets hope the FDA does the right things and go through with this restriction.

Results of the FDA Meeting

After taking a vote, and Neubrander giving his quackery speech, the vote was 9 to 5. We lost. Here the video of the meeting, that includes Neubrander’s presentation.













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