Calmwear is Now Calm Care With a Positive Change

For a long time, Connie Manning has fronted herself as being the CEO of CalmWear, a company owned by the Australian company JettProof. So when I was doing research, I thought I found they were operating without a business license because of how Connie portrayed herself, that is not the case. It is a purely Australian company. She used that platform to harass, bully and dox autistic adults. In actuality she was an independent contractor that was put on the team to promote the company in other parts of the world.

Their biggest mistake was not monitoring the social media accounts and making sure they were being represented the way they wanted to be.

She even teamed up with Fiona O’Leary to make a false CPS report against me to try to have my children removed over a dirty wall that was a result of us moving a bunk bed.

After the owner of the parent company , Jettproof was made aware of what Connie was doing by autistic adults, they rebranded as CalmCare and Made this announcement:

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Autistic adults to pave the way forward towards a new beginning.
As CalmWear was not moving in the direction we initially intended, we will be dissolving this brand. Our products will still be available through CalmCare.
CalmCare has partnered up with several Autistic bloggers who we are thrilled to announce will be providing us with their blogs centred upon autism acceptance and education.
Additionally, we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of AIM (Autistic Inclusive Meets).
CalmCare is an Autistic owned organisation. Furthermore 60% of CalmCare’s employees have Autistic family members.
Our team at CalmCare are delighted to be partnering up with the Autistic Community and we look forward to building that rapport with you all.
Please join us in welcoming this new beginning and head over to our CalmCare page
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements at CalmCare

It has been confirmed that Connie did get fired.

Connie does not work for CalmWear, she has never worked or been associated with CalmCare and cannot speak for the brand

It isn’t clear in this message but they do differentiate between CalmWear and CalmCare. It is very subtle and on first glance, someone might not catch that.

Things are looking promising and I look forward to the changes they make. Nothing happens overnight but I am willing to help to make sure they put their best foot forward.

I do Feel for Connie

After all she has done to me and my family, I do hope she finds another source of income and does not become homeless. I would not wish that on anyone, no matter how horrible they are. I do hope they have security.

She and Fiona Play the Victim

Thats right, after trying to get people fired from their jobs for disagreeing with them, making fake CPS reports across the other side of the planet, and filing false police reports, they claim that showing evidence of wrongdoing to a company that one of their contractors was doing in the company’s name is bullying.
It looks like Fiona made a Go Fund Me for her but placed herself in Langly, British of Columbia. Thats a little suspish.

Go Fund Me Didn’t Last long

So a few days later, the Go Fund Me campaign was frozen. Several autistics reported it as fraudulent. I hadn’t gotten a chance to do it but it was on my to do list. I was struggling with that but then I remember the pain she caused myself, my husband and my children.
There is a problem with this comment. There was never any petition. If you see one by Lyric, comment to this blog. This just shows how well the autistic community can band together for a common cause. We are just tired of being abused by this woman and we aren’t going to take it anymore.
Also, I have gotten fired from jobs for various reasons. I have NEVER received a severance or a last paycheck. She is very entitled. Once you are fired, that’s it. You get nothing from them and you are entitled to nothing. In order to be fired from a contracted position, she had to VIOLATE the contract which makes it null and void.

I will update if there any other new developments, I will update.

7 thoughts on “Calmwear is Now Calm Care With a Positive Change

  1. I was homeless for 3 years and I'm perfectly fine with Connie Manning ending up homeless. It's not the end of the world, and while I don't subscribe to the idea that homelessness builds character, it certainly makes you aware of your tenuous place in the universe and I think that lesson would be valuable for Connie moving forward, even if only briefly like me.


  2. All that has happened here is that the truth of Connie Manning's behaviour and actions has been exposed and her employment terminated as a result of that. It's fascinating how Manning and poor Fiona nonetheless refuse to acknowledge this. They appear to fantasise that everything is the way they want it to be in life. This is just one more example. You have to wonder just what it is they hope to achieve when it's that easy to expose their behaviour. Connie Manning needs psychiatric help. Fiona appears to need the same here. They are now just hurting themselves.


  3. Manning and Fiona appear to be part of a bizarre community of parents of disabled children and allied autistics, who believe that people with contrary opinions to themselves are removing support to their families. How? Can anyone actually prove that one child or family has had money removed or support services removed from them due to others having differing opinions over 'autism' in general? Can anyone come up with one example of this in the real world? If so, the Police could be approached. Government both local and national could be petitioned. There are individuals in power that could be consulted. The mass media could be alerted. PEOPLE WITH OPINIONS DIFFERENT TO OURS, apparently all on social media and the mainstream press, ARE DESTROYING OUR FAMILIES LIVES AND FUTURE. Surely if any of this is happening in reality, it could be proven?If people are preventing say, access to ABA treatment – where and how does this work please? Provide instances and evidence of it happening. Or is it that a large gang of people cannot handle the idea of others disagreeing with their points of view over some issues and things?


  4. You claim to be bullied by Connie Manning and Fiona O’Leary, yet you and your followers bully them, too! And BTW, Fiona is autistic like you and me are and is a mother, wife, and autistic self-advocate, and is against pseudoscience quackery like you are, Aviva! So much for being there and supporting your fellow autistics in the autistic community! 😒


  5. How about the two of them traumatizing my kids and trying to get them removed. Do you support that? Now you believe I’m autistic. How convenient. Mess with me fine, but leave my kids out of it.


  6. Bulllying? As you can read, evidence and proof was provided to Manning's employers who then decided on actions. They did not have to do any of this. No counter arguments persuaded them. Manning clearly did not have a defence. Where is the bullying here please? Screen shots were provided, not some mob of people posting comments.


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